WPE meets with UN representative and Japanese diplomat Yasushi Akashi

Peace is of many levels, by nature, all human beings, after their physical satisfaction of foods consumption, they will have a defilement of sensual craving. They can get rid of this defilement by means of praying to their God. This is the right way to peace.

The ability we need to make peace for the world must come from what we used to make peace for ourselves. We have to possess peace in our mind as a foundation.

From peace within oneself, there will be peace in a family, then peace in a village, peace in a district, peace in a country and peace in the world. Peace is, therefore, connected like a chain. It prevails everywhere with no boundaries.

There are two ways to achieve peace:

1. Encourage all men to be religious and get closer to their God.

2. Find the way to invite world leaders to a discussion with open heart.

Men have called for peace for centuries. Politicians as well as Militarists have tried but never find their success. We should allow the leaders of religions to try. How can the religious power be used on this purpose? Here are the points:-

1.  We have to realize our human value. What are we born for? What we really want will come from the answer of discussion among religious leaders. We all have to contemplate on the fact of death. All of us will surely die not later than a hundred years of life. After our death, can we bring along those accumulated weapons?

If we can convince all men to realize the truth of their birth, the reason of their living, and the destination of their next life, there will surely be peace.

2.  In order to have religious power, it is necessary to build material objects. They attract the people to come, after with religious leaders will be invited to discuss in a meeting. Furthermore, other leaders of the world will be invited to find a resolution on “What do men really want?” and, “What are they living for?” We have to obtain their resolution first. Then let every country observe this resolution. Do it everyday like chanting until everyone remembers it well. Then peace will prevail.

3.  Unite the power of Dharma by promoting the inter-religious brotherhood among leaders of religions in order to create religious power. All religions teach their followers to do well. None of them teaches evil doing. All of them as we believe, originated from the save source: that is from the World of Divinity, and they also lead to the same ultimate goal: the World of Divinity or the World of God.

In unifying the religious powers for the prevention of wars, it is necessary to move step by step as follows:-

1. Promote unifications amongst men with an opinion to creating world unity;

2. Eliminate controversial disagreement on religious doctrines in order to raise spirit of religious brother hood;

3. Promote good human relations in this world for people of various religious faiths;

4. Encourage all people to cherish humanity consideration in their mind;

5. Take all possible measures for the creation of world eternal peace.

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