Appreciations to the World Peace Envoy

In an audience with His Holiness Pope Paul VI at the Vatican City on May 11th, 1977, the World Peace Envoy and Hon. Suchart Kosolkitiwong received an honourable blessing from His Holiness, “You are a man of creative thoughtfulness, who not only thinks but also works on your thinking and has come to the Vatican City. Now, it is the dawn of peace and brotherhood. May the Almighty bless Thailand for a peaceful life. Will you please convey my best wishes to His Majesty, the King of Thailand.”

His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj, Supreme Leader of Namdhari Sikhs, while attending as Chairman of the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the World Eternal Peace Conference Hall on October 19th, 1978, had addressed in part, “The work for peace is not the duty of any particular government or organization. All countries must join hands to do this noble work. Peace is most important to all mankind in the human world which depends upon satisfaction of God, that is, God will let a personality do it. I personally have strong faith that H.E. the Peace Envoy Suchart Kosolkitiwong was blessed by wish of God to do this noble work on peace.”

The Most Rev. Bishop Pietro Carretto, President of the Episcopal Commission on Dialogue and Ecumenism in Thailand, said in his opening address on October 19th, 1977, at an Exhibition of Works of Religious Mission for Peace visiting the Vatican City and Jerusa-lem, “I firmly believe that the Hon. Suchart Kosolkitiwong is a divine messenger to work for peace in this world in the name of Peace Envoy.”

Field Marshal Prapas Charusathiera, as Chairman of an Exhibition of 4 Religious Missions for Peace said in part of his opening address on October 19th, 1980,  “I personally admire the intellectual capability of H.E. the Peace Envoy for his endeavours through personal perseverance and sacrifice. All his works known to me have been very successful. So, I also believe that his project for world peace will surely succeed. It is my hope that he will receive full co-operation and support with mutual content of world citizens for they, too, want world peace.  May the nations in great need of peace see the importance of International Federation of Religions.”

In an opening speech, on October 19th, 1977, at the Exhibition of the Works of Religious Mission for Peace to the Vatican City and Jerusalem, H.H. Supreme Patriarch of the Thai Ecclesiastical Sangha Order, said,  “I feel that in Thailand everyone is religious, realizes the truth, and understands the fact that the descending of every great founder of religions will occur when the world is in havoc of calamity. A divine messenger will descend down to help all beings get rid of their craving madness. I agree with you that the work of the Religious Land Hooppha Sawan is still new to the public. Some may happily agree and others may bitterly disagree with your work which is natural for human world.

I, however, wish that the Religious Missions for Peace should not be content with only successful inter-religious brotherhood cooperation. You should strengthen sincere harmony, mutual understanding, and friendly relationships forever more.”