Ladies and gentlemen,

All of you here might have heard of my name. I am “ Mahatma Gandhi” who liberated India. Today I have the opportunity to come and see the activities of the Spiritual World Centre set up in the land of Siam. You should be overjoyed to have this holy and sacred monastery of holy spirits in your country. I feel that it is very hard for anyone to understand  this mysterious activity which is new and rather strange to this human world the same as when I finished my study in England, and returned to India, my homeland, I found that the Indian people were blind followers of the cunning oppressers that they forgot their own independence, and forgot even themselves. I and my close friends met secretly and organized a Liberation Movement on the land of India. We chose Sata Road in Calcatta as the first place for our meeting. My plot for the Liberation Movement was first disagreed upon, and I was insulted and even threatened for life by my own countrymen, the same as you who are now the working hands of the Spiritual World. Everything we do we should apply the principles of non-violence and tolerate. I starved, I was imprisoned and sacrificed my life by lying down to protest the British governor. My firm determination in fighting  for India’s Independence was not because of “ Lopha” (COVET); I fought for peace and for humanity . That’s why I am still survived. The British surrendered to my perseverance, my patience, and my determined starvation; so they presented independence to India. But the outcome in the end I was killed like a street dog by those political group who did not understand my great intention. I never hoped to be the top leader of India, but my idealistic intention did not reach its goal. My next political successor was Jawaharlal Nehru. Our country was partitioned by the westerners into Pakistan and India, in order to make them rivals and began to fight and kill each other. Is it right that the westerners are praised and recognized as men with morality, the westerners whom you blindly like?   Kashmir was stirred by the British to kill each other, and now they do the same thing in Siam. You are too credulous.

My dear Indian countrymen, Kashmirians, Pakistanis, Mongolians and Tibetans, we all have the same blood. We should live together as brothers and sisters for the sake of religions and general peace of this world.

Indira Gandhi, Nehru’s only daughter, who succeeded him in politics, is now being misled by the cunningness of the enemies who use their tricks to incite the people to separate from each other.

Therefore, I do not have anything to warn you except that you should be cautious of those powerful countries which are infatuated of power by making either economic war or weapons war. All of you please don’t blindly follow them. Now they are causing disturbance in our Indian Empire ‘ Chompu Thaweep’ as well as the South Eastern countries by stirring the people to kill one another. So I would like to warn those who want to be political leaders, you must be well versed in the following principles :

  1. tricky policy,
  2. practical wisdom,
  3. careful political planning,

and besides you should know how to carry out your proper strategy in order to cope with your enemies’ propaganda. I would like to warn all of you here who are working for the spiritual world that, if you do not try to cooperate with each other for the peace of the world, then your great holy work for the Spiritual World, then your great holy work for the Spiritual World might meet with failure so soon, because poor cooperators normally never make your ideal achieve success, and this will be the same as how I was assassinated. If such incident happened, I would be sorry for you.