There is No Other Happiness Greater Than Peace

Eversince the last World War, mushroomed   many works and institutions aiming for peace. They are the works and institutions that mark up grade in the progress of humanity.

But in the present world situation where men have acquired such immense power that they are now in a position to conquer the stars or to innihilate themselves and the globe they live on completely, peace begins to suffer again.

We all have to admit that we have faced together the enormity of the threatening perils deriving from political, economic, social, and cultural offences against humanity that are inherent in the growing world disorder.

To the super-powerful nation, the possession of nuclear weapons means POWER. Although it may seem to provide protection to other countries, yet it creates an atmosphere of dependence and danger of political domination. The policy of such détente between Great Powers leads to a dangerous militarism on the national and international level. If the détente between the Super Powers  breaks down, there is surely a possibility of global confrontation. Then threat of an outbreak of war will not be limited only to local level but will be spread over on a world scale.

Of  course, there is no future for all mankind, if the World War III, a worldwide nuclear war, is just simply temporarily avoided or postponed. At various occasion of his speech delivery, following his declaration for peace on the occasion of laying down the foundation stone for the erection of the 9-metre high statue of Lord Jesus Christ on Christmas Day of  1977, World Peace Envoy, Dr. Suchart  kosolkitiwong, has called on every world citizen to mount every possible pressure on nuclear weapon government to stop the production of destructive nuclear armament and to safely get rid of the stockpiles of existing nuclear weaponry.

True peace cannot be attained by military power nor economic wealth. Neither can it be enforced by political domination. Men of  those power are deemed to give priority to their interests in maintaining their powers and gains. For all religions, peace is of supreme value. Peace is the symbol of justice and the outcome of mutual love.

According to the great teachers and prophets, peace is a state of personal and social existence, which is far more than mere absence of war or the cessation of conflicts. Those who truly work for peace of the nations should have spiritual disciplines that bring peace in their own hearts, peace in their families, their societies, cities, nations, and finally the world.

Such peace is not possible for men and woman unless they learn to master themselves, sublimate their combative energies into productive channels, refuse to accept enslavement in the services of their fellowmen and their eternal Lord.