World Peace Envoy LogoThe Office of the World Peace Envoy was established by Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong in Thailand in the early 1970’s to promote international peace. Before the WPE was founded, Dr. Kosolkitiwong worked tirelessly in activities to maintain Thailand’s independence during the turbulent 1960’s, when Thailand’s neighboring counties were at war.

In addition to promoting peace among governments and religious leaders, the WPE also coordinates humanitarian and charitable activities.

Dr. Kosolkitiwong had strong convictions about all people living peacefully and avoiding conflict. His vision was to take this message of peace beyond Thailand’s borders to the international community.  The World Peace Envoy was organized as the vehicle to promote peace to peoples of every land around the world.

Aim and Purpose

Founded: 1973

Structure: Executive Committee (annual)

Finance: Donations

NGO Relations

Language: Thai; English

Contact Information

Secretary General Phichai Tovivich, Ph.D.

Dr Phichai TovivichDr. Phichai Tovivich, born in Chiangmai, Thailand in 1939. He has been teaching chemistry at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok since 1965 right after obtaining a B.Sc. with Honour degree from the university. He also got his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Mass. Coll. of Pharmacy, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. in 1972 and 1975 respectively. He has attended in various international conferences in connection with chemistry and other activities in all the continents more than 20 countries around the world.

His main interest is not only teaching chemistry but more importantly campaigning in chanting and praying for peace, studying and practicing in spirituality, promoting eternal peace. He has published several books for examples: “Star War”, “Aliens Ways of Living”, and “A Handbook of Chemical Safety”, all in Thai language.

President: Samnak Poo Sawan Fellows’ Society (one of the most popular sacred Houses in Thailand) / Jinnapanjara Suttan Prayers Society / Inter-Religious Federation for Peace of Thailand.

Honorary President: Federation of Asian Youth Center, WFM Asian Center / Vegetarian Centre of Thailand

Secretary General: Office of the World Peace Envoy

Managing Director: Professor Dr. Tab Nilanidhi Foundation

Executive Committee: World Federalist Movement (WFM), Asian Center / the Evaluation for Duty Deduction of Imported Materials and Equipment for the Protection of Environment, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment / Consumers’ Beneficial Protection Society / Chemistry Section, Science Society of Thailand under the Patronage of H.M. the King Advisory Board: Parliamentary Committee on Environment, Thailand / Research and Technology Institute, the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) / Sarn Sawan Newspaper / Dr. Preecha-Prapai Amatyakul Science Foundation / Association of World Citizens.

Former Executive Secretary: UNESCO Regional Network for the Chemistry of Natural Products in Southeast Asia (Executive Secretary 1977-1983, and Thailand National Point of Contact Representative (1977-1991).