Sermon of Jesus Christ


On Sunday, June 16, 1968 (being the sixth day of the waning moon in the seventh month of B.E. 2511), at 2.00 p.m., while Our Great Father Somdej Phra Phutajarn Brahma Rangsi (Toh) was preaching to his followers at the Centre of Heavenly Great Fathers, the immortal soul of Jesus Christ journeyed to the centre and delivered the following sermon in ancient hebrew.  The sermon was translated into Thai by our Great Father Somdej and may be put in English as follows.

( Our Great Father Somdej )

“ I, son of the Lord, am known among peoples as Jesus. My ministry began in Israel. I have examined the ways of Solomon and Moses, and all the holy gospels. I came here to visit the world of man and to see the work inaugurated by The World of Spiritual in this small plot of land. This work still wants for devout minds to reach fulfillment. In the light of the present circumstances, I besought the people present here, shall speak to all Catholics, both men and women, who have followed me and devoted their minds and souls to our Father, The Lord. World situations today require esprit de corps among all Catholics who are supposed to be civilized and progressive. Such esprit de corps would have prevented unnecessary assassination of American statesmen. Political rivalries, jealousies among various religious sects, fighting for political dominance-all of these do not require you to take one another’s life to attain your victory. Nobody can claim a real victory since all of you are governed by The World of Spirit. Blessed are those who abide by God’s commandments. You, all Catholics, should well realize this. I now warn you once again. Christianity was initiated in Israel but she is being engaged in a ferocious war with Egypt at present. Why are you fighting if all of you call yourself children of God? All souls belong to the Lord, why continue belligerency?