The International Federations of Religions (IFR) was founded in 1975 in Bangkok, Thailand by the Executive Committees of the WPE and Samnak Poo Sawan. Though the goals of the WPE and IFR were similar, the WPE was an NGO, and the IFR was formed as an NPO to garner wider support.

The IFR constitution contains the following objectives:

  1. To help promote mutual practice amongst members having strict observance of the teachings of the great founders of religions
  2. To help strengthen unity, solidarity, and brotherhood amongst members
  3. To help propagate the sublime doctrines of religion
  4. To help render cooperation in the work of social, educational, cultural, and other humanitarian services
  5. To help promote a lasting peace and harmony for all mankind, and collaborate with other organizations working towards the same goal
  6. To help promote unification amongst men with an idea of creating world unity
  7. To help eliminate controversial disagreement on religions and political doctrines in order to raise the spirit of religious brotherhood and equality for all mankind
  8. To help promote human rights in their work that will not cause harm and difficulties to mankind
  9. Help search for ways and means to work together on the convention of an Eternal Peace in this world.

In 1977 Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong was elected President of the IFR. At it’s peak the IFR had offices in 52 provinces of Thailand.

Sadly, in 1989, the IFR ceased its activities when the Thai Court of Justice confiscated the property of the IFR’s sister organization, the Jinnapooto Memorial Foundation. The Jinnapooto Memorial Foundation was accused of undermining the Thai government, but was never proven in a court of law. The IFR’s problems were compounded by a long battle to protect the Tham Phra Thai mountain range from developers. Without government recognition the IFR has remained inactive.