Samnak Poo Sawan

Samnak Poo Sawan Samnak Poo Sawan (House of Divine Sages in Heaven) was founded in 1966 by Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong in Bangkok, Thailand. The organization was formed to protect Thailand’s independence through the promotion of spiritual practice.  At that time Thailand was becoming politically unstable and unsafe for its citizens as neighboring countries Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam were at war.

Samnak Poo Sawan instituted a 10-point plan to bring peace to Thai people and beyond:

  1. Help relieve the physical and spiritual sufferings of all mankind
  2. Help lessen defilements in the minds of selfish human beings
  3. Help abolish dogmatic beliefs and ignorance in the minds of men
  4. Help uphold social justice in the world
  5. Help protect the existence of peace and monarchical institutions
  6. Help promote the progress of religions by all available means
  7. Help support all meditation practitioners in search of Nirvana
  8. Help cooperate with the efforts of the Would-be Buddha (Bodhisattva)
  9. Help bring ethical morality to the minds of the younger generations
  10. Help confirm the belief in “Life after death” to frighten sinful men

In 1973 the Office of the World Peace Envoy (WPE) was founded to take the message of peace beyond Thailand’s borders to world leaders and leaders of the great religions. Staff and members of Samnak Poo Sawan participated in and help support the WPE’s programs and activities.

To this day, Samnak Poo Sawan is one of WPE’s most loyal and active supporters.

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