My dear countrymen, the war that has been arising now is because of the misunderstanding between our Pakistani and Kashmir brothers. We all are descendants of the same ancestors, but we were separated by western imperialism, and this caused some misunderstanding and quarrel among us. We have tried to implement our policy for peace in every possible way, as in the case of Kashmir. But at present, my young (next) generation are very hot-headed, they want Bangaladesh to be independent of Pakistan. It means that our India is becoming separated into three countries. Indira Gandhi, my dear, why don’t you open my diary and follow the policy of our great teacher, Gandhi?

The incitement within the party and the formation of the revolutionary group which uses religion as a facade arise from encouragement and support of outside countries. The political situation of our country has changed for the worse, and if the communists are able to produce their seats in UNO, they will control all the Asian areas.

As for our India, the leaders of the United States from President Truman to Lindon B. Johnson, all planned to destroy our country. So we ought to unify Asian countries. Indira, my child, please open my diary concerning political policy, then you will learn what I taught you during the time that I and our teacher Gandhi were fighting for the independence of India.

Kashmir is leaning towards disaster. Bangaladesh or East Pakistan is about to be in turmoil. The more we fight the more we will be killed. We should put down weapons and turn to seek peace by discussion. Don’t let our countrymen blindly keep on killing one another like this.