World Eternal Peace Through Inter-Religious Brotherhood Cooperation



World Peace Envoy, Dr.Suchart Kosolkitiwong President, International Federation of Religions. Chairman, Commission on Disarmament, Provisional World Parliament of WCPA.

World Peace Envoy, Dr.Suchart Kosolkitiwong President, International Federation of Religions. Chairman, Commission on Disarmament, Provisional World Parliament of WCPA.

Born on March 28, 1943, in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, World Peace Envoy, Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong, completed only primary education and was drafted in 1964 to serve for a year in the Anti-aircraft regiment.

He is a man of lofty ideals, wishing above all that mankind should be able to live in peace by the bacon of teaching of religions, idolizing the truths, and willing to fight for idealism, “Dharma Leads the World.” As a firm practitioner of mind training for the ultimate purity of his psychic power, he practices real asceticism and lives on strict vegetarianism, while keeping himself aloof of all conventional social orbits. He has a miraculous brain power, for he can handle all sorts of problems and questions with extraordinary intelligence and considerateness, one rarely finds his equal.

Eversince 1965  when he was strongly determined with a dedication of his life to work for the benefit and peace of all mankind, he has drawn inspiration and  faith of the people from all walks of life who helped create the following institutions to support the World Peace Envoy in his endeavour  for  world eternal peace:-

  1. In 1965, Samnak Poo Sawan or the House of Devine Sages was founded in Bangkok, Thailand.
  2. In 1970, the creation of the Religious Land, named “ Hooppha Sawan” or Valley of Divine Paradise, in the jungle – densed mountain range, some 100 kms. south –  west of Bangkok.
  3. In 1975, the formation of the Executive Committee of the International Federations of Religions in preparation for the inter-religious brotherhood co-operation.
  4. Since 1977, fifteen Religious Missions for Peace headed by World Peace Envoy, Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong, were sent to all corners of the world to meet important leaders of world religions and governments.
  5. In 1978, the Foundation Stone was laid to construct the World Eternal Peace Conference Hall in the Religious Land Hooppha Sawan.
  6. In 1979, there started a nationwide peace referendum for twenty months, during which over one million and seven hundred signatures in support of world peace were received. The resulted of this referendum was handed in 1980 by Dr. Suchart  Kosolkitiwong to H.E. Dr. Rudiger von Wechmar, President of United Nations, and H.E. Dr. Kurt Waldheim, Secretary General of United Nations.
  7. Since 1973, Dr. Suchart kosolkitiwong, was firstly upheld as “ Peace Envoy of the World of Divinity” and later in 1981, delegates to New Delhi conference of World Constitution and Parliament Association  unanimously passed a special resolution adopted by the Trustee of  WCPA appointing Dr. Suchart kosolkitiwong as “ World Peace Envoy” of WCPA This worldly appointment has been confirmed four times in succession: at the first session of  Provisional World Parliament in England in 1982, at the Second session of the same meeting in India in 1985, at the meeting of Executive Cabinet of WCPA in Colorado, U.S.A., in 1986, and at the third session of the Provisional World Parliament in Miami Beach, Florida, U.S.A. in 1987.
  8. In 1987, Dr. Suchart kosolkitiwong was elected as Chairman of the Commission on Disarmament at the Third Session of the Provisional World Parliament held in Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
  9. In 1987, the International Association of University Presidents awarded Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong an honourary doctorate degree on Human Letters from John Dewey University Consortium of America in New Jersey, U.S.A.

Although young in his age, his initiative drive for peace and happiness of all mankind has been greatly appreciated and supported by millions of followers.

While  serving as the Director in the Executive Committee of the House of  Divine Sages, he had extensive travelling to all parts of the country giving speeches on morality to military units in the border lines, and students in schools and universities over the country, and was on pilgrimage to Burma, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, and the United States.

During those years, before his being elected as President of the International Federation of Religions, he had mainly directed all his works towards the creation of world peace. It was found that he had written his idea on peace to prominent key figures of powerful nations as well as world leaders who could contribute to the maintenance of world peace.

On 25th February 1975, he wrote to H.E. Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, then Secretary of State, United States of  America, a personal letter in which he condemned peace dialogue through political channels.

“…in writing this letter to you today, I have been somewhat puzzled by the stand taken by the humankind of this world, both the Free Democracy and Communist Bloc, in that their hearts and their lips speak differently when they chant about peace…. I really cannot understand it, and, therefore, decide to write you this message to enquire whether you gentlemen are really talking about true peace or you are just merely lying to the people the world over….

….We, on our part, are doing every thing possible to build the religious brotherhood of all faiths. I have also come to a firm conclusion that peace can only come about after all contending parties have reached a common conviction that peace can only  be secured by the vibration of the mind and not merely by wordpower of the lips.

I have, therefore, felt that time has now come for all of us to use religion as the instrument for peace, so that we can stop once and for all those wanton destruction of human lives….

A permanent peace for this human world could materialize only when leaders of both contending camps can speak sincerely from their hearts. If both parties can really come, we should organize a big ceremony for true peace by issuing a communiqué calling for the dismantling of all types of armaments so that they could be smelted down into the statues and images of all prophets and gods. For, peace can never endure when all parties are still piling up their arms. The seed of wrath, of illusion, and of greed, whenever it springs up, can turn the man all of a sudden into a killer. Once, a trained mind can penetrate and absorb the bliss of Dharma, such gentle phenomena could generate the power that will overcome all obstacles to the mighty tower of real and everlasting peace…”

In his letter, dated 16th January 1975, to H.E. Leonid Brezhnev, Chairman of Supreme Presidium of U.S.S.R., he presented his views on peace as follows:

“….True peace will only emerge on this world through the search for means to end conflicts in the ways of life of our human society. I consider, therefore, that the course of action inspired by Communist Doctrines cannot produce real peace. On the contrary, it will divide the world into blocs and factions. It cannot consolidate the world into one harmonious society….

….If peace is truly your ultimate goal, one thing that we should strive to accomplish is to explore the solution to current conflicts, so that a firm pedestal for world peace could be built. Such means cannot be found in any medium but inside the human mind, from which the forces of righteousness, morality and contentment could spring forth and make wonders.

I am firmly convinced that ever since this world was opened up for human habitation, the means to produce peace rests either in the man’s mind as characterized by his conviction on morals, honesty and faith in religion. Such are the forces that produce real and everlasting peace…..

….Alas, it is only too rare to find someone courageous enough to stand up amidst this maniacal world and rally for the means to end contemporary conflicts and schisms. I now take this first step out to Solicit your cooperation for the building up of brotherhood of mankind and fraternity of religions…”