Views of the World Peace Envoy

The following quotations are the views of the World Peace Envoy expressed by Hon. Suchart Kosolkitiwong in meetings both in Thailand and abroad:

  • Peace must be above all political idealism, so our advisers are from both Free Democratic and Communist blocs.
  • Peace can emerge through meditation power, not by military power.
  • Only through religions can world war be prevented. The only problem left is what we shall do to make all religious leaders worldwide instruct human beings all over the world to be religious to their faith.
  • No matter who they are, Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus Christ or ProphetMuhammad, they never taught religious people to hate one another.
  • In the past, we let the military men try to solve the world conflicts, our world had to experience the great warring two times; we let the politicians try to solve the problems, our world was divided into two blocs: the Communist World and the Free World; we let the economists try to solve the problems, our society has to fallen into two classes: the Haves and the Have-nots which have so far given the way to endless human conflict. Therefore, it is the right time that worldwide religious leaders have to consolidate their efforts to work together to press forces of Adhamma to realize and respect the value of human life on earth in order to cooperate in establishing the world lasting peace for mankind.
  • Peace work is the great work to which men do not pay attention. Making war is evil work but men give it their fullest attention.
  • People of the whole world want peace but only minority of people want war: the state leaders and scientists.
  • The present world – the one which has now been divided into three major parts -namely, Asia which believes in strong leadership: Europe in philosophy and America in public opinion.
  • If it is God’s work, God will bless helpful things.
  • It is the duty of religious people to truly join hands; in my opinion, they can establish for mankind the world’s lasting peace and they could remind secular leaders to change their minds to accumulate religious teachings, not destructive weapons. That is the work the International Federation of Religions is doing now.
  • We believe that if all religious leaders both in the West and the East are strongly united and use this power to enforce secular leaders to change their minds, peace will be obtained.
  • Men may differ in languages but they may understand one another spiritually and thoughtfully, we can then take these creative ideas and work towards a lasting global peace.
  • The world of today is heating up, it is high time that religious leaders step in. Religions have never taught mankind to make war and fight each other but wars occur because men fail to have religious beliefs and do not realize the nature and the truth of their human life.
  • The world we are facing today cannot be in peace because people do not realize spirituality and fail to be religious to their faith. We devote our life and soul in fear to destructive ways, we do not use them in creative ways and do not seek free time for making peace for life and mind. We cooperate to produce lots to nourish the body but produce nothing for purifying our mind for lessening the greed, hatred and illusive defilements. The older we are, the more cravings we have. It is called in Christianity the mind possessed by Satan. It is not for creating the world. So it is regrettable that we pay a great sum of money for making destructive weapons for war but there is no budget for developing our minds, creating peace and better lives.
  • The work of God is the work for peace, not the work of war for peace.
  • Why were men born? For what purpose does our life exist? Where shall we go after death? We must consider these first … All life must end, so there is no use fighting with one another. When this problem can be solved, the problems of economics, politics and weapons will drop. To destroy nuclear weapon factories will make the conference for disarmament easier.
  • The confusion in the world has truly occurred by the hand of about a thousand men, that is, not more than two hundred secular leaders, less than three hundred religious leaders and less than five hundred scientific leaders. How can we change their minds to have moral shame and moral dread, have sincerity to fellow beings, to stop to consider, have consciousness above emotion and not to let emotion be above consciousness?
  • When the United Nations was established, they neglected to put religion in the Charter, so there is confusion these days. They now seek cooperation from non-governmental organizations worldwide which are religious organizations with aims for peace.
  • The United Nations have solved the world’s problem by material ways for a long time. But various situations overwhelm them so much that material solutions are delayed. Their opinion is that if they can integrate a philosophy from the outer world, the situation may become better. Peace Envoy Suchart Kosolkitiwon answered immediately, “I think I have found it. It is the religious power which each religion has in abundance. If we are able to make all religions join their hands in effort to solve world situation according to your words, there will be an immense power above all other powers in the world.
  • Peace, fraternity and friendship are highly desired by all human beings. But men often act in the opposite direction. Men with greedy desires never trust one another and always make armaments to fight each other. It is therefore the duty of both religious and peace activists to combine their efforts for attaining the ultimate solution.
  • Speaking of peace in general, in order to create peace it is essential to have loving-kindness and mutual love among mankind. Loving-kindness, according to the Buddhist way, is the Dhamma to support the world. If a man lacks loving-kindness, he is selfish, self-seeking and unsympathetic. Love means to love all things, all creatures and even enemies. When we have love, our mind and soul are cheerful. That is, our mind and soul do not take revenge on anybody; we transmit a positive stream, known as the stream of purity. That is another way of peace as there are several forms of peace, such as peace for one-self, peace for the family, peace for the village, peace for the district, peace for the province, then peace for the nation and peace for the world. These are the links in the chain of peace. These links should be practised seriously and sincerely. It is not that peace should exist only momentarily, in the International Year of Peace and in the International Week of Peace then no more. Having peace for only this year and this week is not the true meaning of peace.
  • Peace must be observed continually as a chain and our mind and soul must be raised up with the Buddha’s teachings of loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity for and toward all sentient beings so that true peace may be achieved. May I reaffirm once again that peace cannot be obtained by the power of economic wealth. Neither can it be obtained by the power of arms, nor by the power of money. Peace in this world can be obtained only through religious power because religious power is the real power and every religion teaches people to live together peacefully. But the unpeaceful world is created by human defilements, not by texts of religions or texts of scriptures.
  • How can we create human unity? As religious leaders, we have to encourage ourselves as well as our human friends get closer with the right understandings of religion of our own beliefs. No religion in this world, in its true essence of teaching, preaches for disunity and violence.
  • With their deep realization of their own religion, their mind will be detached from false beliefs and they will realize the truth of life that, “By the result of deeds in the past lives, we are born as human friends of similar birth, old age, sickness, and death.”
  • In my opinion, unity among human beings can only be created through better understandings among ourselves. They have to get rid of their own misunderstandings and wrong thinking. When there is human unity, peace will prevail in the world of humankind.
  • In extraordinary matters, humans can solve them all, if they are not too proud, but ordinary matters: birth, old age, sickness, death cannot be avoided as they are unavoidable facts of life.
  • As a matter of fact we humans should realize that either later this year or early next year, disastrous fire and other natural disasters will definitely happen which will kill a whole lot of people. What can we do to rescue the world from disaster, if it is not all possible to be the last wreckage? It is assured that nature will punish the world. Why does nature seem to want to destroy the world? Because humans destroy nature by having made up nuclear weapons and rockets, when fired into the sky, have disturbed the environment and destroyed the ozone layer which has forced the seasons to change.
  • We should realize that all the world’s humans all are relatives of the same family. We should cherish love and unity. Each life lasts no longer than a hundred years, then death comes. We can laugh together, talk together, why should we be enemies? Why do we attach. According to the principles of Buddhism: Dhukham, Aniccam, Anatta. Everything is suffering. Nothing stays stable forever, nothing can be called exact and never changing. Everything is moving towards dissolving naturally.
  • As a matter of fact, mental and spiritual or divine powers exist in every human body. If we use them properly, especially in mass quantities, they will benefit enormously the world and that mental and spiritual powers can halt natural disasters. Humans can plan or build anything successfully because of their mental and spiritual powers. We are convinced that the mental power and spiritual power combine with the activities of human beings. We are confident that the mental power and spiritual power of prayers with good will compiled more and more together can save the world from disasters.
  • As a religious leader, I would like to propose the ways how religions can help save this world from imminent environmental dangers. The world is now in danger because human beings are defiled with greed, anger, and delusion. They have gone too far of making a project to dump the nuclear waste into space which is causing atmos-pheric pollution around the world. We must realize these dangers and help save this beautiful planet by explaining about the dangers regarding negative climate change. The testing of nuclear weapons will destroy forests and water ways. Religion teaches human beings to have a frugal will and peaceful life and to live with nature. They should be taught to conserve the environment, forests, water ways and the natural atmosphere of the world.
  • I do believe that if we still continue to ignore the conservation of the environment, and if trees are not sufficiently planted within five years, the temperature in Thailand will rise to 45 degrees Celsius. At that level, the blood will boil in the body and, may I ask, how can human beings survive?
  • On the occasion of the Praying Ceremony for World Peace on the Hiroshima Day, I appeal to all people of the world, to stop thinking of destroying each other, to stop destroying nature and the forests. They should together save the environment and hurry themselves to initiate adequate reforestation.
  • Readers of religious scriptures such as the Tripitaka, the Koran, or the Bible must realize that there will be a doomsday either by great floods or by great wars. The present situation in the world may create a time bomb for the outbreak of the Third World War. Whether the world will be saved by the mercy of Supreme Power or not will depend on human beings. May all of us who are Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, or believers of any religion, join harmoniously in praying for the safety of the world and the survival of mankind from both great floods and great world wars. Let’s pray that whatever disasters break out the threat to humans or non-humans will be diminished.
  • Everyday, the world has no peace because human beings do not consider their self-realization. The principle of Buddhism is so called to consider the body in body, mind in mind and spirit in spirit. All Buddhists have forgotten and do not consider the Truth. So the world is in more and more disorder. All people say that they respect God but they kill each other for a bigger purpose than God. Why? Because when human beings are possessed by delusion and hatred, their consciousess and wisdom will be wiped out. They will only think for getting, getting and getting without thinking for giving. These things are the teachings that Buddhists should propagate to all mankind to have consciousness rule over emotion, not let emotion rule over consciousness.
  • I am confident that it is the right time that all the world people must cooperate to solve all problems for a better world. Otherwise, the world might face natural disasters, such as the big flood and the universe war. The Universal Supreme Beings of both Venus and Mars have spiritually contacted through me that they might invade the planet earth more quickly because human did not recognize their warning. So I request for your cooperation after you return to your homeland, may you continue propagating the message of concentration of people to halt severe natural disasters, meditate and extend your loving-kindness to human worldwide and to all living beings of other universes. Meanwhile, may you pray for God’s blessings to save the world and bless mankind to live in tranquil happiness.