Past Activities

Dharma Moral Boosting Missions

Traveling throughout all parts of Thailand to distribute the holy talismanic cloth, medicines, supplies, and giving speeches to promote will-power of soldiers, policemen and civil volunteers on border line, including encouragement of the local and rural operations of soldiers;

Presenting Report of Peace

Referendum of Thai people to the United Nations and Traveling abroad to promote and strengthen inter-religious brotherhood and calling for peace cooperation through inter-religious brotherhood of the World Peace Envoy, Thailand to be saved from Communist insurgency and colonialism at that time (from 1966-1982)

Campaigning for Peace

Campaigning worldwide for people to gather for chanting, meditating and praying to prevent the outbreak of World War III (considered inevitable in 1984). The opinions of peace solutions sent to the United Nations were accepted, the United Nations declared the Universal Peace Day on the third week of September of every year and the Year 1986 was the Inter-national Year of Peace and launched the UN peace keeping forces to provide general election in Kampuchea (Cambodia), and East Timore, etc.

The Praying Project

Co-operated with the Praying Project in honour of His Majesty the King and the Kuan Yin Inter-religious Park to organize Praying Ceremony for Peace in Thailand and the World for two times at the Kuan Yin Inter-religious Park, Petchaburi on the United Nations’ Day