Announcement from The World of Souls

This is an announcement from the World of Souls as stated by Our Great Father Somdej Phra Phutajarn Brahma Rangsi (Toh) on August 8, 1968, at 8.30 p.m.


“The World of Souls wishes it to be known among men the true cause of the present world crisis. This is addressed to all of you who fabricate the position of leadership, the administrative concept of human control, the false impression of righteousness and injustice, and the current label of the Free World and the Communist regimes.

Do you consider yourself being supreme, peerless, incomparable, and all-powerful as a national leader?

You are ignorant and blind. You are being entrapped in ruin. You will destroy your own life as well as those of others including your family and friends.

You should realize that you are alive in this world as a result of your past karma, the result of what you have done. You who are now rulers of kingdoms  and nations  should know that you were once in the spiritual world. You were rewarded to be born as men for your life-long righteous act and you are now challenged to prove yourselves worth being members of The World of Deity hereafter.

All of you who attempt to be world-leaders little realize governmental control, and short-lived mundane supremacy.

You are the greatest fools among men since you are easily flattered by those who seek profit from you. You are blinded by immoral passion to such an extent that other people’s lives are disregarded.

You who are called with the resounding title of leaders are destroying your family and your friends. Human life means nothing to you so far as it serves to strengthen your position.

In the name of the three Worlds (World of Super-deity, World of Deity, and Hell), I ask you what the true meaning of power is and whether you can take away even a portion of the land you conquer.

The World of Souls has allowed some men to be born in this world. After succession of wars and massacres leaders were produced in the West. Were those men able to prolong their dominion everlastingly who once attempted to conquer the world?   They  are now suffering their karma in Hell.  Napoleon in  now repenting, Karl Marx is being tormented by contrition. Both of them once supported their strong will-power with fancy imagination. They now confess to me that they committed an unfortunate act by slaying fellow human beings. You inherit their crime by foolishly attempting to destroy others’ lives.

Can you take away this world with you after your death if you really can dominate the world? You may be a ruler but you cannot take away with you what you rule after your death. Your ownership of a household does not entitle you to take it away with you on your death. You may amass great wealth from cheating or trickery and claim them yours including your offspring and spouse but when you breathe your last they are no longer yours.  Your death will result in chaos in your family, your country

and the world at large. Your greed is the sole cause of this chaos.

In the name of the World of Souls, I hereby advise you to forsake greed and avarice. Meditate on your state of mind and criticize yourself instead of others. Find your own faults instead of those of others. Every one is born as a result of his karma. Do not accelerate the present world crisis. There is no room for all of you in the World of Souls.

Meditate and reason with yourself. What should you meditate in order to become independent of worldly attachments? Find some secluded spot, such as in a bathroom, without clothing, your naked body has nothing to conceal its repulsiveness from the eyes of the world. You came into the world  naked and as naked you will die. Whatever you amass cannot be taken away with you.

To sum up:

“ Born naked, you cannot take anything away with you. What is left is only your souls which may suffer in Hell or enjoy happiness according to your karma. Do you believe in life after death? Everyone will meet again in the World of Souls. What you do now will be your debt to be paid there. If it is not fully paid  you will have to be reborn to suffer your karma. This is called the cycle of death and life. The world is round and there is no end to birth and death. Contemplate yourself when you are naked.”

Our Great Father Somdej’s remark:

The Centre of Heavenly Great Fathers aims to promote the interests of humanity. This organization is the latest of its kind but it strives toward the greatest achievement, namely world peace. All of you should come together and find means to prevent threatening world wars. If you think that the Centre will benefit mankind you should spare some time to participate in the work of the Centre. Don’t consider yourself offering a service to the Centre but take it as a privilege to work with members of the World of Souls. I belong to the World of Super-Deity and my time is so much occupied that it is difficult for me to come here. Nevertheless I am here and my meditation is behind schedule. I no longer have a body in this world but I still devote myself to help your souls. Can you not sacrifice a little of your time to help promote peace among men?