Mr. Vichai Sae Tia, age 24, is a dealer in readymade clothing. He lives at 76/24 Krung Kasem Rd, Talat Bo-Be, Bangkok. A year earlier, Mr. Vichai started to feel that something was wrong with him. Frequent spells of painful headache made his temper very grouchy. Whenever he went out of his house he often walked along the streets aimlessly. He was brought to consult specialist who found out that his case was due to overwork and insufficient sleep giving rise to nervous tension. Medical treatment did not relieve him of his suffering.

Later on one of his friends advised him to go to a place where an occultist possessed by the holy spirit of a hermit could treat patients with holy water. During the treatment when some holy water was poured over his head and body he began to howl and his arms stirred like the forelegs of a dog,  However, he received such treatment at this place only once because illness of the occultist.

In August 1970, Mr. Yuthapongse Sae Lim, another friend of Mr. Vichai Sae Tia,  advised him to go to another place called Samnak Poo Sawan, where similar treatment with holy water could be administered. At this place the holy spirit of Tao Maha Brahma Jina Panjara possessing a young man of about 30 years old, Mr. Suchart Kosolkitiwongse, performed the treatment. When the holy water was poured on the patient he closed his eyes and raised his hands in a salutation manner. But suddenly a sort of canine behavior began to show up. His eyes open widely, his face contorted and turned red,  and at the same time body spasm was observed. Further, his fingers seemed to be crippled and his hands and arms moved like the front legs of a dog. This was followed by noisy howling and barking with somewhat painful gesture. This scene was  rather pathetic but amusing to those observers around him to see a man bark and howl like a dog. However, after a while, it became apparent that the spirit that once possessed the unfortunate man began to yield to the holy water of Tao Maha Brahma Jina Panjara : the patient calmed down completely. When the treatment was over, Mr. Vichai told us that he felt much better and his awful headache was relieved.

Mr. Vichai continued to receive the holy water treatment for 4 consecutive weeks. After that period his health was very much improved and took it for granted that he was completely cured and free from the evil spirit of the dog that possessed him. This was however an illusion as his part as the canine spirit still remained in his body. A few weeks later, however, Mr. Vichai began to behave like before, so that he had to be brought back to Samnak Poo Sawan again for further treatment. He received the holy water bath for six more weeks and in each occasion of this series of treatment the resisting power of the evil spirit  diminished gradually till it completely yielded to the holy power of the most mighty Tao Maha Brahma  Jina Panjara. The final treatment took place on the 13 December 1970 and from thereon the symtomps of the suffering disappeared definitely.

The story just related about Mr. Vichai Sae Tia the holy spirit of Luang Poo Tuad working at the centre told us that in his previous life Mr. Vichai was a Vietnamese who had killed a dog named Tum Tah with the intention of eating the dog. Dog eating is not at all uncommon in Vietnam and in Southern China. However, before dying, the dog, in its great suffering from an excruciating pain, incited an avenging thought on its part, and after death the spirit of the dog henceforth began to persue it’s offender and later was able to locate the offender now reincarnated in Thailand bearing the name of Mr. Vichai Sae Tia of a Chinese nationality. The dog’s revengeful spirit possessed the offender causing him to suffer both physically and mentally.

The reason why the revengeful spirit yielded definitely was due not only to the power of the holy water but also due to Luang Poo Tuad suggesting Mr. Vichai to ask the canine spirit to forgive him of what he had done in his previous life. After contributing alms to Samnak Poo Sawan with the aim of construction a sacred shrine for Phra Bodhisat dedicating to Tum Tah, the dog, Mr. Vichai recovered completely and freed from the attack of the revengeful spirit eversince.

This is one particular instance where the following points can be emphasized:

First : One should realize that the soul or spirit exists in this world since it will be difficult to reconcile the manner shown by Mr. Vichai until relieved later on.

Second : Nothing comes to an end even after death. What we do in this world during our time ,we will still be responsible for it in the future. This is the Law of Karma in Buddhism

Third : Man can be born anywhere in this world, and after his death he may be reincarnated in any place, in another country and in another family. For this reason, mankind should abolish national and social prejudice.

Samnak Poo Sawan is the shrine or centre of the Great Spirit where sufferings and pains of people can be relieved. For this reason, if anyone has doubts concerning spiritual problems or if one suspects that his illness is due to Karma of being pursued by an avenging spirit, he is then invited to come to Samnak Poo Sawan and experience for himself the relief that he seeks.

Note : A technicolour film coverage and records of interview concerning this case were conducted by Professor Dr. Kloom Vajropala. It should be mentioned here that Mr. Vichai has never been bitten by a dog nor has he been associated with any dog during his life. We, the undersigned, certify this case and its facts to be true and correct.