New Year’s Wishes Messages

From 1993-1998, the Office of the World Peace Envoy sent New Year wish cards to worldwide leaders, religious leaders, the UN, foreign ambassadors to Thailand, and leaders of religious and peace organizations worldwide with righteousness statements from H.E. the World Peace Envoy (Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong) and the Most Ven. Ariyawanso Bhikkhu on the cards.

From 1999-2004, the Office of the World Peace Envoy wrote New Years wishes in brief:

  • On December 19th, 1999, sent New Years announcements asking country leaders to campaign people in their country to organize public prayers in order to compile all mental power and spiritual power and in praying that all the bad events and the world’s natural disasters to be reduced.
  • On December 25th, 2000, sending New Year’s wishes, a new century, a new millennium message to worldwide leaders, religious leaders, foreign ambassadors to Thailand and leaders of religious and peace associations with some thoughts that might help in decisions and actions as the world situations might become worse if humans still followed destructive ways. So they were asked to:
    1. Put consciousness above emotion, do not to let emotion overcome consciousness.
    2. Before taking action on any serious problems, please stay calm, perhaps by counting from 1 to 100, then have a meeting to consult those related and responsible people of Your Excellency’s country, as well as religious leader(s) who will provide Your Excellency with spiritual wisdom.
    3. Try to encourage Your Excellency’s people to organize a public mass group of chanting and praying for peace in Your Excellency’s country and around the world.
  • He suggested the super power leaders to stop sending weapons and war accessories to both Palestine and Israel, thus allowing the two parties to solve their own problems by themselves without external interference from other super powers, it was believed that the situation would be greatly improved.
  • To suggest the solution of the world economy by proposing to make Asian dollars for Asian countries, Afro dollars for African countries and God or UN dollars for the UN. It was believed that the single regional currency would be able to stabilize and strengthen the economic activities in each region and thus the world. In addition, there would be more freedom from the super power country’s influences.
  • Ask for world leaders to do great merit in the New Year to encourage virtues to lead tranquil happiness and peace into the world by world leaders asking the UN Security Council of the United Nations to pass a resolution to lift the economic blockade imposed on Iraq for the sake of humanity and humanitarian values.
  • On December 19th, 2001 to send New Year’s messages asking everybody whether be they Buddhists, Muslims, Christian, Hindus, Sikhs or any religion to join in prayer and pray for the world’s safety and the survival of humanity from floods and world war III break out.
  • On December 20th, 2002, to send New Year’s messages asking for all country leaders to join mental power praying for peace to happen very soon. You should not forget that the Bible and Al-Quran Scriptures said after the year 2000 God would come to sentence the sinners but Heaven’s secret was not yet disclosed when God would come. So we are all fellow humans, we all die whether we live to a long age or die soon. Why would you kill each other?
  • On November 25th, 2003, to send New Year’s messages, because the year 2004 would be a critical year of the world. The planet “earth” will have a frightful consequence once again. An expected situation might happen on earth because humans do not live naturally. They destroyed the balance and justice of nature. To ask for cooperation from each country leader or each religious leader to create world eternal peace by considering the possibility of organizing prayer projects for world peace to be an active principle for people in Your Excellency’s country and worldwide by chanting Jina Panjara Suttam or the prayers of your faith. It depends on your right, freedom and consideration to take an effect in a better way more or less for the world’s fate on the coming year.
  • On December 7th, 2004, to send New Year’s messages for 2005 to country leaders, religious leaders, peace leaders worldwide, and for the UN and ambassadors to Thailand to consider proceeding for peace in the world by suggesting means to limit danger, for example from natural disaster, terrorism, and the world’s deterioration to lessen as follows:
    1. Natural disaster: it was necessary to campaign for real reforestation and to accomplish this in 10 years or else the world temperature would be up to 55 degree cel-cius. Humans then could not endure living on the earth’s surface.
    2. Danger from terrorism, we had to request for people to truly reach the highest TRUTH. That is to make people realize that they won’t live for longer than a hundred years. People can talk together and laugh together why should they be enemies?
    3. Means to create peace in the world is to use mental power to halt military power; you have to promote people of your country to pray more and more for the good of all humanity.