Speech By Dr. T.P. Amerasinghe On the Credential Presentation Ceremony to World Peace Envoy At Samnak Poo Sawan on Saturday 29 of March, 1986 at 13.00 hrs.

How the world views H.E. World Peace Envoy, Suchart Kosolkitiwong’s  Life and Work.

Hon. World Peace Envoy Suchart  Kosolkitiwong, Your Excellencies, members of Samnak Poo Sawan, Friends, Well-wishers, Ladies and Gentlemen:

On the occasion of the Birthday of  H.E. World Peace Envoy, Suchart Kosolkitiwong and now in his body present this celebrations with which we have worked to mark it, I a long time admirer, devotee and fellow worker wish to place before you a world view of his life and work.

When the Divine chose Thailand to be the scene of the birth, up-bringing and development of Suchart Kosolkitiwong, the Divine did so not without reason. When the whole of Asia went under Western dominance in the modern world, Thailand was divinely ordained to keep Asian Culture pure and undefiled. The Thai people remained true to their original traditions. The marked feature of these traditions was the Buddhist characteristic of peace. This did not just mean ‘ Peace’ as the absence of war, but the genuine peace called the peace that “ passeth all understanding” – Peace which brings with it love for all both man and bird and beast. Thailand, therefore, was the best setting for the man truly dedicated for peace- a worker who would not be merely national and work for his own country but as peace-worker whose activities would embrace the whole world. God who is omniscient chose Thailand  to produce Suchart  Kosolkitiwong  because  Thailand had for long resisted the selfish greed of the West with its love of luxury, its arms, its wars and its worldliness. So in Thailand there blossomed Suchart  Kosolkitiwong ‘s philosophy – a philosophy more powerful than the economic, scientific, technological   revolutions of our time.  It was a philosophy deeper and more basic. It can be called  a Spiritual Revolution. It is intended to awaken the springs of love, not in Thailand only (because it was always there in Thailand) but all over the world, especially the materialistic West. These springs of love must invade all fields of human endeavour- education, morality, law, politics, commerce and science. It is intended to inspire men to loving service revealing the brotherhood of man which is the Fatherhood of God. Too often today we think our rights. We forget our duties. It is a Western concept to fight for one’s rights. In the East we think of duties first. The Buddha requested us to think of duties first. Our rights would fellow. This philosophy is embedded  in Kosolkitiwong’s philosophy. It has often been said at the Religious land Hooppha Sawan  that everyone wherever he lives, whatever his status, whichever his faith, can share in this revolution and be an instrument for the liberation of mankind from its own ignorance.

Because what is it that has produced the present day crisis in our civilization. Ignorance and its consequence pride. We may have had the capacity to walk in the moon, to reach for the stars-but have we conquered greed, hatred, envy, bitterness, strife? So we live in the midst of wars and rumours of wars. We live with cancer as the killer No.1. Where is mankind’s proud boost that  he has conquered nature, harnessed rivers, controlled earthquakes?  Look at the happenings in Colombo, in Bangladesh, in Mexico.

We have exalted ‘Intellect’ and dethroned ‘spirituality’. We have forgotten to pray. Modern youth especially in the so-called scientific West are ashamed to bend their knee in prayer. They spurn it as being ‘superstitious’. A great  Indian Teacher, Swami Vivekananda, once said, “ If you come to me with intellect only, you can have a little intellectual gymnastics, intellectual theories, but not the truth”. Suchart Kosolkitiwong’s philosophy emphasis the need for intelligence as well  as  spirituality. The failure of modern scientists is that they are working in compartments, determined to excell in their own spheres. So  one good discovery is the death of another. In agriculture when we eradicate one pest another breaks out. So in medicine, and in every other field. Brotherhood  is necessary – the sense of Oneness.

We cannot eliminate war unless nations are ready to concede some part of their sovereignty to a Federal Authority of World Government which can administer for the good of all. This is where Suchart Kosolkitiwong’s philosophy  falls in line with the activities of the World Constitution and Parliament Association. He echoes the Buddha’s exhortation, “ Mankind must live as One Family.”

For all this we human beings who walked the moon and are now reaching for the stars must inculcate “ Humanity” . We must have “ Faith”. These are the ancient virtues-badly

Needed in modern times. For example “Healing by Faith”. Can only be done if the patient has faith in the Healer and the Healer has power that he can heal. One must complement the other. In the life of Christ we read that he could work miracles everywhere but when he came to his own home town of Nazareth-he failed. This was not due to the failure of Christ but the lack of faith quack and said how can this carpenter’s son work miracles. That is why healing by faith cannot be done to professors and people who think they know everything.

The great Indian saint now living in Bangalore, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, once told me how the Indian scientist Bagavantam came to follow him as a staunch disciple. His son had an incurable special disease. In the spite all doctors had failed. But Bagavatam’s wife had faith and appealed to Sai Baba, Bagavantam was opposed to him.  When however, Sai Baba cured the boy. Bagavantam felt there was something more than his science in Sai Baba philosophy.

The great poet Shakespeare once said, “ There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, there are dreamt of in our philosophy. ”

We give this answer on Suchart  Kosolkitiwong’s Birthday to all those who are skeptical of his teaching.

Intellect plus faith or knowledge plus spirituality leads to Truth. I repeat intellect plus faith or knowledge plus spirituality leads to Truth.

We do not condemn the advance of technology and engineering. Ours is not simply a back to the land of philosophy. We are for a higher technology-moral and rational technology, environmentally and humanistically sensitive. We call for a fundamental change in the use of the tremendous inventions produced by modern science-for a benigh and helpful technological civilization all this is given visual presentation in the Ratchaburi-the Religious Land Hooppha Sawan.

Suchart Kosolkitiwong’s philosophy calls for a psychological change in human nature.

Deep down in all of us is the urge for sharing and human service. These must be made to well to the surface. Just now they are covered by wrong modern living with greed, hatred and self-pride. These must be scratched. If Sharing and Human Service must be given full rein, man must be made to recognise that he is the crown of creation. We are truly in God’s image. Institutional change will then fallen:-

  1. Military preparations will give place to peaceful pursuits for the betterment of mankind.
  2. Nuclear science will become a healer of dread diseases and a creator of food for all.
  3. An equitable sharing for the Earth’s service now concentrated in the First World will be made  available  to all.
  4. Man and environment equilibrium will be reached.
  5. Building of rational human settlements and building of sustenance of viable human communities will follow.
  6. Everyman  and woman in the world will have the basic requirements of shelter, clothing, nutrition.
  7. These will be vibrant health for all. Education will be liberated and we will be more creative to have more creative leisure.
  8. The world will then recognise that whatever the levels of development in the countries of the world, the ethical value that the basic requirement of life must be shared  equally by the poor Ethiopian as well as the American millionaire.

These are fundamental points in the teaching of Suchart Kosolkitiwong’s philosophy.

The Pope agreed with them in his famous encychical  “ Pacem in Terris ”. The ‘AIZEN’s (Love) philosophy of the Japanese teacher Master ONISABURO calls for it. Sri Sathya Sai Baba who has said that this is the fulfilment of the above conditions alone can the world live in brotherly love, peace and mutual service.

Human society today does not give God a chance to operate to solve our dangerous problems. Modern science stresses only ‘ the body’. It is materialistic. We must release ‘ the spirit’ we mean spirit plus body (which is energy and matter) can alone, release Dharma Power of Truth with Power. Man must meet the Devine, without shutting himself from the Divine. Divine Power will then be released for the benefit of the world.

This is the very antithesis of the Communist teaching. They want hunger and distress to remain, to foster war and create chaos in which they hope to thrive. Naturally they are imnical to Suchart’s philosophy of loving kindness and Human Service.

Hence though Thailand is the heart of Suchart’s philosophy, the Divine does not and never intend to restrict it to his home country. Peace which is said this undivisible. It cannot and will not come if only one’s country desires it. It’s the need of the whole world and all humanity. Kosolkitiwong is needed for the whole world and this the world has recognised. This recognition took the form of an official declaration at the 4th Annual Conference of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) in February 1981. At a Convention  inaugurated by the Hon. Bal Ram Jakhar, Speaker  of the Indian Lok Sabha, the largest Parliament in the World, and blessed by the late Smt. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister, H.E. Suchart Kosolkitiwong  was unanimously elected World Peace Envoy. Representatives of  55 countries voted their accord. In 1982 delegates to the Brighton, U.K., Provisional World  Parliament  representing  over 4 million  people re-elected the Hon. Suchart  Kosolkitiwong.  In March 1985 at the Provisional World Parliament, held in New Delhi, inaugurated by His  Excellency  Giani Zail Singh, President of India and blessed by the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the Hon. Suchart  Kosolkitiwong was again re-elected World Peace Envoy.

In his 16 years of work, great honours have come in the way of H.E. Suchart Kosolkitiwong. But it is not honours that he seeks. It is world peace-the hitherto unattainable goal, it is the deliverance of the good, the destruction of evil-doers, the enthronement of the right. For it was what centuries ago, Sri Krishna had predicted for him in the 4th Chapter of the ancient Sanskrit poem the Bhagavad  Gita:

“Whensoever there is a weakening of the Dharma and the uprising of unrighteousness,  I  lose myself forth into birth, for the deliverance of the Good, the destruction of evil-doers and the enthronement of the right, I am born from age to age.

Secure in this thought on his birthday March 29th 1986 he rededicates himself for the salvation of the world at a time when the world is at its greatest danger. We wish him in the Buddhist way by requesting 33 thousand angels ( Devatas) to bless him in his life’s work.

Thank you.


( Part of Congratulation Message of World Peace Envoy, Dr. Suchart  Kosolkitiwong, to the First Session of Provisional World Parliament, sponsored by World Constitution and Parliament Association, held in Brighton, England, on December 9,1982.)