H.E. Sa'Dd-Eddin EL-Alami, Mufti of Islam in Jerusalem,welcome the WPE at the AL Aqsa Mosque

The situation of the world today is so critical that it needs the presence of religious leaders to assist. All religions never teach their followers to make war and fight each other. But wars occur because men realize the fact of nature and the truth of human life.

If the leaders of all religions can really perceive the truth of their scriptures. Get closer to God of their faith, bring virtue of God and goodness of the scriptures to spread out and try to change the ideas of men who are blinded by greedy and illusive defilements to become less in their mind, then true peace can be achieved.

It is, therefore, the duty of religious leaders to really work together by which peace can be won and the world leaders can change their attitude to store up Dharma instead of weapons.

Real peace of the world, if there ever be, must be by the power of religions. Religious power is a tranquil power. It is a peaceful power. If the power of all religions can be united to work in unison for the solutions of the world, their power will be more powerful than any other in the world. So, it is the last way to prevent the world war effectively.

Therefore, it is the right time for the religionists to step out and help solve the world problems. They must be the real religionist, not the fraudulent ones. The real religionist is not attached to anything. Neither do they work for fame, nor for offerings. They work only for happiness of mankind.


All human beings, they wish for peace, but act on the opposite. This is because they are under the influence of wrong concept and so, they work their way to the ultimate goal with fear by inventing destructive weapons to destroy each other. It is, therefore, the duty of religious and peace leaders of the world to work in cooperation to eradicate all these problems.

The world today is unrest because each side does not trust each other. They all want peace. On side calls for peace at Washington, another on at Moscow, while the other at Peking. Their efforts will never achieve peace, they have to be invited to discuss on peace in the religious atmosphere.

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