Workers for peace must be aware of warmongers who have power of politics, money, and economic wealth, penetrating in everywhere around the world. The do not want peace. We have to find a concrete measure to destroy their movement: the anti-peace moment. They are:-

1. The movement of War Traders. They make themselves rich in war time;

2. The movement of Arms Traders. They do not want peace, because peace cannot make them rich.

3. The movement of armaments factory owners. They do not want peace, because if the world has peace, they cannot maintain their factories of armaments.

4. The movement of mafia. They are traders on narcotic drugs and illegal goods. They do not want peace

The workers for peace have to fight the power of these movements without knowing them. They will normally utilize the power of local government to destroy the peace movement. So, peace workers of the world must be very careful.

The way to fight for victory of world peace is that we have to destroy those movements with the following measures:-

1. All leaders of  religions must be united with harmonious sincerity;

2. All peace loving diplomats must be united with harmonious sincerity;

3. All parliamentarians in the world must be united with harmonious sincerity;

4. Find possible way of holding a world peace conference where leaders of world religions and governments are invited for a meeting on the purpose of their birth, the reason of their living, and the destination of their next life. When they discuss on the above subjects, they will carefully think with mindfulness. They will finally realize the fact that everyone will die. No need to make war. If they can solve this problem, they can also solve those problems on economy, politics, and armaments. They will close down the nuclear producing factories. The meeting on disarmament becomes easy. But nowadays, they do not have a meeting to discuss about themselves first. They meet to discuss about all external matters. So, I propose for them to discuss about the truth of themselves first.

5. Try all possible means to establish the World Government.

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