The Fight With Khanta Mara (Illness)

After his leaving his refuge in 1986, he was not very strong. Before his refuge he was strong, in good health but after his refuge, he went to see a doctor for a health check. The result was that he had many diseases: heart illness, high blood pressure, gaut, liver, osteomalacia and diabetes etc. The doctor’s suggestion was to do nothing, except for drinking liquids. Drinks had to be served to him.
Apart from bodily sickness, his astral body was also indisposed. He was hurt in the eyes, heart and brains by psychic power by men who destroyed the Challenger spacecraft with black psychic power and of 30 thousand agents attacking him all at once. But with the prestige of divinity who protected him and with mind power strong and high, to save humankind and the world, he could fight against them and passed through the danger.
December 25th, 1998 the Great Masters announced about the World Peace Envoy’s sickness for followers to know:
“He Suchart Kosolkitiwong (Ariyawanso) tells nobody to know because he is afraid that you will be worried. Today, it is time to disclose it. When you know about it, how do you feel?
The rule of Aniccam, Anatta, Vata Sangkhara is not stable.
From a young man, strong and handsome.
When Samdej (Toh)’s soul possessed him,
He must sacrifice his body, mind and life together with his soul.
As honest and true a servant as there ever was.
To do everything on time to solve world problems.
Do everything the Great Masters desired.
He had to take refuge, confine himself for his safety.
Nowadays you have seen him, why is this?
For his achievements, foreigners praised his high ability.
As if he did them for at least 300 years.
33 years of great work and now his body becomes soil.
He becomes an old man with diseases.
His body has been checked by DoctorJivaka Komarbhatr and Doctor Hua Toh of the Three Kingdoms (Sam Kok)( who were all the first class of doctors of the period.)
His sickness at present:-
1. High Blood Pressure
2. Cholesterol obstructed blood vessels of the heart
3. Gout
4. Diabetes
5. Intestine sickness
6. Hepatitis
7. No white blood cells in his blood, it is called now Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(A.I.D.S.).
8. Eyesight deficiency
9. The beginning of dementia
10. Nephritis
“Nowadays for what would I live? Be kind enough to answer me.”
The period of passing the age of 50, his body was sick and more deteriorated from
all the sicknesses attacking him. He tried to keep himself in good shape and told himself that he was not a sick person though sometimes he had not enough strength to clip his nails or to take water to his mouth.
The Great Masters told him that his diseases would not be cured though with special medicines from Doctor Jivaka and Doctor Hua Toh. They wanted him to pay all his debts of past life in this present life because in the future he would be born the Would-be Buddha and would do the work of the Spiritual World once again that was to restore Buddhism in the year B.E. 3000.
In 1998, the Great Masters suggested to see the movie of Sam Kok (The Three Kingdoms) on the section of Kong Beng (Chu-ko Liang) on the ceremony of prolonging his life, he suggested the World Peace Envoy engage in deep meditation and forbade absolutely any disturbance to cure his body to become stronger. The Great Masters have made the Ceremony of prolonging of life for the World Peace Envoy to live for 75 years. But the World Peace Envoy has concerned about his religious work and he then incompletely practised according to the Great Masters’ suggestion.
On February 6th, 1999, the World Peace Envoy gave a message to the followers’s committee about the matter he decided to cure himself for 3 years. The statement of the message was:
“May you be as persistent as a cliff.
Do not believe in rumours following behind.
All my business is accomplished,
I must leave for a far more greater one.
That is to practice my mind and soul,
To attain the way aimed.
After the feast, there must be a farewell.
Now I am already sixty years of age,
When I think I’ll go, then I’ll go. When I think I’ll come, I’ll come.
Exactly like my name of the shadeless saint,
To depart alive is worthy.
Next chance, we’ll meet again.
To depart dead is nothing,
No chance to meet one another again.
During my sixty-year old life,
I don’t answer notes, you may realize that,
I won’t return and will return no more.
See you again the next life at Dusit Heaven.”
The World Peace Envoy, the Most Ven. Ariyawanso Bhikkhu took precepts during 3 months of Lent in 2000 and with care for followers who did the work of the Great Masters he gave a message in care of Assoc.Prof. Dr. Phichai Tovivich, President of Samnak Poo Sawan Fellows’ Society to read in the meeting on September 1st, 2000 which said:
“Time passes swiftly as the flow of the river which has no return. At present I am restoring myself by going on a diet to destroy all toxin in my body and am living according to the steps of the Doctors of the Spiritual World but I still care for all the followers who are doing the work of the Spiritual World. I think everyone should keep unity for the success of the work for the survival of humanity. There may be conflicts as always for humans but they should forgive one another when everybody is in the boat of the Would-be Buddha. I hope I come out in October, If I see progress. Though I won’t stay to look over the work, it must be progressive more or less. Everybody is a sacrificer. If you don’t sacrifice, it’s better to stay home. Everybody has different past action. To do work to help the world means to make great merit to be of very great use in the next life.”
S. Ariyawaso Bhikkhu
The World Peace Envoy did not take care of himself for 3 years as the Great Masters wanted him to change karma (past action) for various reasons. This made his body weaken day by day but with his endeavoured quality, high endurance and strong mental power, he could fight against Khandha Mara without losing heart for many years, unknown to followers. They only knew from the Great Masters that his body was sick, unwell.