The Life’s Bitter Work

The first period, January 5th, 1982, a group of 50 policemen and 15 border patrol police officers entered to seek the World Peace Envoy in his room in the Religious Land Hooppha Sawan but they did not find him. When they left, the World Peace Envoy left Hooppha Sawan to take refuge, as he wanted to surrender himself to the police. His followers told him his enemies paid lot of money to put fault on him and dead men could not speak. The World Peace Envoy had to take refuge for four years and six months.
In the year 1986, the year the UN announced there would be the First International Year of Peace, the World Peace Envoy left his refuge and surrendered himself to prove his innocence in the Court of Justice. There were vehicles chasing to stop him but he said, “I’ll stop once I get to court. The vice police commander of Petchaburi spoke in court that he was ordered to follow me, and coverring watch my movements. He used a telescope to quietly watch me. The first time he looked through the telescope, he saw me walk up from the boat to go to the island and he saw 4-5 monks following me. He was afraid to shoot at other monks as he would commit heavy sins, so he dared not shoot. Another time he was ordered to shoot both the monks and me. He put me in his rifle sights and saw me walking to the front of the island with 3 monks leading me and 3 monks walking along my each side, he dared not shoot again. At last he did not want to commit sin, so he resigned his post and moved away from Petchaburi to live elsewhere.”

The Pure Innocence Bearing All Proofs

The cases connecting the Hon. Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong personally, he was charged with many cases taken from the book , “Yont Adeed” (Retrospection of the Past) pp. 122-124: they were:
– In 1986, Black Case No. 984/2529, the official of the Attorney General of Ratchaburi was the plaintiff filing the case against Dr. Suchart accusing of wrong doing by invading a Protected National Archaeological Site and changing it without permission.
The Court cleared the defendant of the charge, the suit was dropped.
– The Black Case, no. 1589/2529 the official of Attorney General of Ratchaburi Provincial Court acted as plaintiff against Dr. Suchart about the matter of occupying the land of the country without permission. The Provincial Court of Ratchaburi decided that the defendant was guilty, of invading the land, he would be confined for one year and the defendant and his followers had to leave the place in question with all his tools, provisions, buildings to be confiscated.
The Appeal Court reversed the decision of the first court, clearing the defendant of
the charge.
The Supreme Court decided in favour of the decision of the Appeal Court.
– The Black Case no. 1588/2529, the Official Attorney General as plaintiff filed the case against Dr. Suchart on insulting others by propaganda.
The court decided that the defendant was clear of the charge. The case was dropped.
– The Black Case no. 880/2529, the Official Attorney General of the Provincial Court of Ratchaburi as plaintiff filing the case against Dr. Suchart about taking possession of the land in the National Park against the laws and possessing them without permission.
The court decided that the defendant was innocent of the charge. The case was dropped.
– The Black Case no. 881/2529, the Official Attorney General of Attorney Department (Case Section, Dhonburi Province) as plaintiff filing the case against Dr. Suchart about jointly causing others to commit wrong-doing by ordering, hiring, asking for others to publish printed matter against the law.
The court decided for the defendant to be cleared of charge. The case was dropped.
(Taken from the book “The Toppling of Samnak Poo Sawan and Hooppha Sawan, Memorandum of Past Events Worthy of Pondering, Lady Dithakarn Pakdi, compiler)
From the evidence of filing suits connecting with Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong, there was no charge against action as a Communist or destroying the national stability, no charge of lese-majesty and no case regarding possession of military weapons as published in the mass media in the past at all.
The Most Ven. Ariyawanso commented on the charges, “They were accusations they made up and there was no way for me to clear my name.” The matter caused him bitterness because he worked for survival of the country and of the world. He was blamed of destroying the national stability, he fought against communists to prevent Thailand from being a communist state but he was accused of committing the actions of a communist.
The Most Ven. Ariyawanso still felt of good luck as military dignitaries understood him as General Prapas Charusatien who joined the ceremonies of Hooppha Sawan many times. He said, “If Suchart is a communist, Thailand is finished.” And General Thongcherm Sangkhavanich who had traveled to attend ceremonies at Hooppha Sawan who said, “If this man destroys the stability, Thailand is already collapsed and I will arrest him first. I will lead my men into his place personally.”
About the news of finding weapons in the pond in front of the Religious Land Hoop-pha Sawan, when the officials went to check, they found there was registration number from a border patrol police Division in Ratchaburi Province who were ordered to throw the weapons into the pond making up the event to put up charges to destroy him. At that time he was to fight against the state power, mass media power and black magic from 30 thousand agents of black magic power who jointly attacked him all alone.
Moreover, he was attacked by black magic power (black mental power) by the mental power men who destroyed the Challenger spacecraft in 1986. Day and night they attacked by trying to destroy his eyes, brains and heart because he disclosed the use of mind power war to destroy each other between the U.S.A. and Soviet Russia which made him sick in both physical and astral body. But he still stood firm to fight to protect the religion for world peace. He proved himself by using the purity of Buddhism fighting against the black magic power.
From 1986-1991, the World Peace Envoy came out to fight his personal cases in the court and all the cases were cleared. At the same time, he moved forward working for the survival of humanity and world peace.
He was toppled for the second time by the misunderstanding of his organizing of the World Government. Anyhow the government who toppled him in March 1991 was forced to resign over the situation of the Black May Incident which was the third bloodshed in Thailand in May 1992.
The second period when the World Peace Envoy felt depressed was in 1991 after his ordination, his movement was followed and his fame was destroyed by a 4 million baht prize.
In 1992, during the Buddhist Lent, he asked for permission from his preceptor to practise monkhood Dhamma and meditate in solitude in the forest, he was oppressed and chased out by misunderstanding officials, he then had to lead his monkhood life by uncertainty, coming and going from the forest in secret.
From 1999-2004, the state’s powerful officials sent gunmen to intimidate him by firing shots at his living place, sometimes they sent men to keep him under surveillance.