The Work at Samnak Poo Sawan

Phra Bodhisattva Luang Poo Tuad requested that Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong resign from all professional jobs in order to work at Samnak Poo Sawan to help the human world. At that time, he believed that the Holy Spirit of Phra Bodhisattva Luang Poo Tuad really existed and all was the work of the Spiritual World. So he practised to purify his body and mind to immediately get the divine power from the Spiritual World. For the first six months he took only two vegetarian meals: breakfast and lunch, and practised meditation for many hours a day. Many years later, when he had to work in communication with foreigners, he took three vegetarian meals a day. Vegetarianism is a way of living for having a clean and pure body, free from diseases. It helps purify the mind and soul to attain Dhamma in religion. A vegetarian is free from the vengeful spirits of animals, so his mind practices easier and faster meditation.
Dr. Suchart renounced his worldly well-being, unmarried, refrained from going out for social gatherings for enjoyment and from drinking and smoking. He dedicated himself to the holy life, practised having a clean body and peaceful willpower to communicate with the Spiritual World.
Later in 1970, Samnak Poo Sawan was relocated to 270 Soi 65 (Chaturong Song-khram), Petchkasem Road, Bangkae Nua, Khet Pasicharoen, Bangkok. Miss Ladda Prasert-kul, one of the followers of Samnak Poo Sawan, donated the land to establish the Centre and religious people donated money for the construction of its buildings.
Dr.Suchart who was appointed the Prime Director of Samnak Poo Sawan, received divine power to cure disease and suffering without a reward of the people in general who believed in him and came to get treatment. At first, the Centre opened to render service on Saturdays and Sundays. Later on, due to more work, the Centre rendered treatment service only on Sundays. The number of people for treatment was limited to 300 people a week. Statistics and accounts of patients who suffered from black magic and possessed by evil spirits that had recovered from their illnesses at this Centre was recorded. Several cases were allowed by the patients to be published in many issues of various publications.
After treatment on each Sunday, Dr. Suchart preached, taught Dhamma and also answered Dhamma questions from interested people. It was his way of relieving spiritual sufferings of mankind. His preachings also included many other fields of knowledge, for example, philosophy, economics, history, political science, science, and so on. These Dhamma preachings were also published in many publications.
In 1978, when Dr. Suchart had to work on inter-religious brotherhood promotion and world peace, he assigned a proper person the duty of treatment services to replace him since then. Samnak Poo Sawan was confiscated by officials from the Treasury Department, so the cure by bathing with lustral water was ended in 1989.
At present, the cure is done by making a wish and picking up a piece of paper with numbers of medicines (herbs) in front of the image of Luang Poo Tuad, (Making Salty Water Tasteless) on the second floor of the House of Divine Sages and asking for pieces of paper with the names of herbs on the first floor. Persons who want lustral water and lustral oil can ask for them there too. Many sick people with real faith have made wishes to be cured and they have been successful.