Dhamma Moral Boosting Missions

In 1972, the situation showed that the independence of Thailand would be threathened. The Great Masters planned to make Holy Talismanic Cloth to Protect Thai Independence by consecrating it in holy rituals for Dr. Suchart to distribute to soldiers, policemen and civilian volunteers on the border to protect themselves with the motto, “Without independence, how can religion exist? When people suffer famine, no peace can be realized.” Dr. Suchart led the Dhamma Moral Boosting Missions of the House of Divine Sages by extensively travelling to all parts of the country, distributing the Holy Talismanic Cloth, medicines, and other useful materials to those men.

payan_lumpang[1] Dr. Suchart also gave them speeches on morality, thus boosting their willpower. His speeches mostly boosted their pride in their work which was important for protection of the security, safety and indepen-dence of the nation. It encouraged their patriotic love for their nation, religion and king. It also taught them to be good religious people and to practise the religious teachings of their faith, to protect themselves from carelessness and from over drinking. If places used to be important historical places, he would tell them about their importance and encourage them to fully serve their duty as soldiers because our courageous Thai kings and ancestors had protected this land for us to live together peacefully and happily. If we cannot protect it now, we must be ashamed.

payan_nakhonpanom[1]He also emphasized that Thailand is an agricultural country. It is essential for each family to grow plants and vegetables at home in order to feed its members and to help Thai economics, etc. Dr. Suchart took books, “Pueng Na Din, Chart Plod Bhai, (To Rely on Land, the Nation is Safe)” and “Kwarm Samred Kong Si Nak Karn Kaset (The Success of Four Agriculturers)” and Dhamma books of Samnak Poo Sawan to distribute to soldiers as well.
Besides travelling to distribute Talismanic Cloth to protect independence, on some occasions, he received commands from the Great Masters of the World of Gods to travel alone to the frontier to conduct the correct ceremonies according to the World of Souls to help protect Thailand. (During 1975-1976 while the Communist invasion threat was most serious.)
Dr. Suchart began launching the task of distributing Talismanic Cloth on the 5th of March, 1972 and ended it in 1979. Communist terrorists stopped and laid down their arms. When they were no Communists, the Religious Land Hooppha Sawan was toppled.

the Holy Talismanic Cloth

the Holy Talismanic Cloth

Dr. Suchart talked about distributing Talismanic Cloth; it had no talismanic words (Yant) but it was meaningful because there were drawn pictures of Somdej Phra Buddhacharn (Toh) Brahma Ransi in the middle as well as drawn pictures of the four cou-rageous Thai kings on four sides. On the left were King Naresuan the Great and King Putta Yodfa the Great. On the right were King Ram Kamhaeng the Great and King Taksin the Great together with 4 big animals: elephant, tiger, naga and singh. There were 9 items altogether. The Talismanic Cloth size was 9×9 inches, which was made in the reign of King Rama IX, all together is 3 nine’s. Nine in Thai is to pave, to pave forward for Thainess. This Cloth is an abstract protection and is filled with Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha power. It can protect us only when we maintain ourselves in care and morality, confident to sacrifice oneself for the whole. This Talismanic Cloth has helped save soldiers’ lives, who dissolved Kun Ching, Huay Sai, etc.
Dr. Suchart spoke about the risks of travelling to distribute the Talismanic Cloth. He had been attacked by gunfire 3-4 times. The first time was when distributing it at Lao Kor 6, Na Haew District, Loei Province. The bridge was broken, Communist terrorists were on the mountain stunned, doubting he could come. Another time, Major General Prasit Chuen- boon accompanied them. When they arrived at the burnt bridge, below they saw land mines, Dr. Suchart told the driver to drive along. Two communist terrorists on the mountain seeing the vehicle driving along opened fire. The third risk, from Tung Chang to Uttaradit Province, a Communist terrorist’s vehicle followed them, but they survived. There were 73 provinces in Thailand at that period, 49 provinces were held by Communists. Worldwide, Thailand was seen as a domino game, that would collapse as Laos, Vietnam and Cambo-dia had collapsed before us.
Samnak Poo Sawan has published and issued books on Dhamma Moral Boosting Missions, distributed Talismanic Cloth to Protect Thai Independence, as well as speeches to boost moral featured in many publications.