The World Peace Envoy’s Qualities

Among close followers, connections and those who joined in doing public merit by majority had ideas that the Hon. World Peace Envoy had good character for the following reasons:
1. He was firm in his ideals and acted absolutely according to them without losing heart even though he was obstructed by religious opponents and groups holding different viewpoints from the negative perspectives.
2. He was full of dedication in proceeding for humanity especially the procedures for
eternal peace in the world based on the foundations of religion. The Hon. World Peace Envoy tried by every means to create peace. When the work inside the country was obstructed, he brought his ideas to be proposed to the NGO’s in the United Nations, prominent religious and peace organizations. Those organizations accepted his ideas to proceed and continued with his intentions too.
3. He had mental power, for followers or sick people who were hopelessly incurable in the hospital came to him and he used his mental therapy with them and many were cured.
4. He had insight. Those who had the chance to talk or ask questions of him knew well that the Hon. World Peace Envoy could well clear the questions by secular and Dhamma ways. This made his biography compiler question how he knew the knowledge. He asked him and the answer was: when the Spiritual World sent him to be the World Peace Envoy, they then gave him deep insight useful to human societies.
The said character of the Hon. World Peace Envoy was not only accepted among his followers, help seekers, joiners with close relationships with him but religionists of other religions in Thailand and abroad who were all impressed by his character in the same way.