The Significant Meeting on Peace Cooperation

In 1977-1991, since the worldwide prominent religious and peace leaders (including diplomatic corps) had been greatly interested in the IFRís activities for world peace and its plan to hold the World Eternal Peace Conference, they paid a visit to the Headquarters of IFR, located at the Religious Land Hooppha Sawan, Ratchaburi Province, Thailand. They had met with Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong, President and with some senior members of IFRís Executive Committee at the Religious Land Hooppha Sawan to exchange a creative peace dialogue and strengthen a concrete peace cooperation plan in working to succeed with world peace. This can be summarized as follows; February 24th, 1978:
Meeting with the 15th Supreme Spiritual Leader of Namdhari Sikhism H.H. Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj. May 11th, 1978:
Meeting with senior members of the Executive Committee of the Asian Conference on Religion and Peace (ACRP). In this great meeting, the Most Rev. Nikkyo Niwano, President of Rissho Kosei-kai and President of ACRP kindly participated and delivered a valuable speech to promote the interreligious cooperation and also  world peace. January 28th, 1979:
Meeting with H.E. Mr. Boguslaw Zarkzewski, the former Polish Ambassador to Thailand. May 14th, 1979:
Meeting with H.E. Dr. Kurt Waldheim, Secretary General of the United Nations on the occasion of his visit to Thailand. May 16th, 1979:
Meeting with H.E. Mr. Iouri I. Kouznetsov, the Ambassador of the USSR to Thailand. December 16th, 1979:
Meeting with the delegations from the Council for Religious Affairs at the USSR Council of Ministers; the Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace of Mongolia and Sri Lanka. December 30th, 1979:
Meeting with Dr. Homer A. Jack, Secretary General of World Conference on Religion and Peace (WCRP).

January 27th, 1980:
Meeting with H.E. Sri  Maharaj Bir Singh Ji, the Successor to H.H. Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj, the Namdhari Sikh Supreme Spiritual Leader, India. February 25th, 1980:
Meeting with Mr. Karikar Vaitha, General Secretary and Director of the Universal love and Brotherhood Association (ULBA), Indian Office.March 15th, 1980: Meeting with H.E. Mr. K.L. Dalal, the former Ambassador of India to Thailand.
July 6th, 1980: Meeting with H.E. Mr. Iouri I. Kouznetsov, the Ambassador of the USSR to Thailand.
August 10th, 1980: Meeting with Mr. Ikuo Harada, Director, International Department of ULBA head-quartered in
Kameoka, Japan. August 24th, 1980:
Meeting with members of the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY), Japan. September 14th, 1980:
Meeting with H.E. Mr. Mordechai Lador, the Ambassador of Israel to Thailand and H.E. Mr. Mohsen Fahmy, the Ambassador of Egypt to Thailand. September 17th, 1980:
Meeting with Mr. Wang Chih-hsi, First Secretary of the Embassy of the Peopleís Republic of China to Thailand. September 28th, 1980:     Meeting with Mr. Chura Bahadur Hamal, the Charge díAffairs of Nepal to Thailand. Janaury 31st, 1981:
Meeting with Mr. Shih-ching Hsu, Chief of United Nations Information Service, UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), Bangkok. February 14th, 1981:     Meeting with Mr. Philip Isely, Secretary General of World  Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), U.S.A. February 16th, 1981:
Meeting with Mr. Reinhart Ruge, Co-President of WCPA (Mexico) and Dr. T.P. Amerasinghe, President of Sri Lanka Branch WCPA and President of Sri Lanka Branch ULBA. March 1st, 1981:
Meeting with the Most Venerable Amarit Nanda Mahathera, Sangha Head of Nepal. March 30th, 1981:
Meeting with Mr. N. B. Bajracharya, Chairman of Vajrayana Buddhist Sangha and  President ofNepal Branch ULBA accompanied by Swami Iswarananda, Head of Geeta Mandir, Nepal and Mr. S. Viswariah, Editor of World State, India. June 7th, 1981:
Meeting with the members of  the Trade Representative of the Democratic Peopleís Republic of Korea to Thailand. June 26th, 1981:
Meeting with Mr. Puran Singh Azad, General Secretary of WCPA (India) and President of Indian Youth Congress together with Shri Chiman Bhai Patel, Chief Minister of Gujarat State Government (India).
July 19th, 1981:     Meeting with H.H. Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj,  the  Supreme Spiritual Leader of Namdhari Sikhs, India. July 22nd, 1981:
Meeting with H.E. Mr. Khelendra Prasad Pandey, Nepali Ambassador to Thailand. August 16th, 1981:
Meeting with Gen. S.S. Uban, Executive Secretary General of the ACRP and Dr. S.K. Chaturavedi, Co-Secretary General of WCRP, India. October 29th, 1981:
Meeting with H.E. Mr. Ashok Bhalchandra Gokhale, Indian Ambassador to Thailand. June 6th, 1987:
Meeting with Professor Dr. Sivannardh Panday, Lecturer on Philosophy of Bombay University, India. August 1st, 1987:
Meeting with the Most Venerable Bhikkhu Dr. Amarit Nanda Mahathera, Sangha  Head of Nepal. August 30th, 1987:
Meeting with Dr. T.P. Amerasinghe, Vice-President of WCPA, Sri Lanka. September 26th, 1987:
Meeting with Dr. Sadhanand Misra, Secretary General of the International Meeting for the Future of Humanity of Krisna Murti Association, Orissa, India. March 2nd, 1988:
Meeting with Dr. Neville O. Matthews, Director of the Office of General Work Cooperation of the United Nations of the Seven-day Adventists Organization, U.S.A.
March 30th, 1991: Dr. Edward C. Yang, Rector of John Dewey University of the U.S.A., travelled to offer ìHonoured
Medal, Summa Cum Ludeî and words of praise to Mr. Suchart at Samnak Poo Sawan, Bangkok. Dr. Reinhart Ruge, President of WCPA and Dr. T.P. Amerasinghe, Vice-President of WCPA came
to be distinguished guests in the  ceremony of presenting honoured medal and reading announcement of praise for the work of H.E. the World Peace Envoy (Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong) appointing him the World Peace Envoy of WCPA for the seventh time.
Besides, Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong was cordially invited to participate in congratulatory functions on National Day of the countries whose embassies were stationed in Thai-land. On those occasions, he was warmly greeted by and exchanged views on peace with many diplomatic corps on the work for the promotion of world peace and international better understanding through inter-religious brotherhood.