Objectives of the IFR

According to the Article III of its Constitution, the IFR has the following objectives:-
1. To help promote mutual practice amongst members having strict observance of the teachings of the great founders of religions;
2. To help strengthen unity, solidarity, and brotherhood amongst members;
3. To help propagate the sublime doctrines of religion;
4. To help render cooperation in the work of social, educational, cultural, and other humanitarian services;
5. To help promote a lasting peace and harmony for all mankind, and collaborate with other organizations working towards the same goal;
6. To help promote unification amongst men with an idea of creating world unity;
7. To help eliminate controversial disagreement on religions and political doctrines in order to raise the spirit of religious brotherhood and equality for all mankind;
8. To help promote human rights in their work that will not cause harm and
difficulties to mankind;
9. Help search for ways and means to work together on the convention of an Eternal Peace in this world.
In 1977, Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong was elected President and served in this posi-tion up until 1989. When the Court of Justice confiscated the property of Jinnapooto Memo-rial Foundation, the Foundation stopped functioning and was closed.
Under his direction, he made strenuous efforts to materialize his peace ideal, expan-ding all-out activities especially the nationwide branch offices of the International Federation of Religions and applying the ideal to people of all walks of life. IFR’s branches were located in 52 provinces.
The IFR began to work on its inter-religious brotherhood promotion.
Later, he moved the headquarters of the Jinnapooto Memorial Foundation and the International Federation of Religions to be permanently sited at the Religious Land Hoop-pha Sawan, the proposed venue for the World Eternal Peace Conference. From this place his Religious Mission for Peace had been sent to many countries around the world, to strengthen religious brotherhood and peace cooperation among those prominent religious leaders and peace activists, introduction to them his peace ideal especially on solidifying religious and peace forces against the war mongers and proposing to them his plan to hold the international meeting to prevent war, the World Eternal Peace Conference scheduled for 1982 at the Religious Land Hooppha Sawan.