Propagation of Dhamma and Morality Lectures

In 1972-1980:
Dr. Suchart led his mission to boost the morale of the soldiers and policemen sta-tioned along the far-flung border to encourage their dedication for the cause of the nation and world peace. He made this kind of work on more than 30 trips.
Being invited to give lectures on the nation and world situation, the Buddhist solutions to social problems etc. at many academic institutes of different levels, government agencies, seminars, country prisons and so on. He was invited to lecture about 140 times.
Giving monthly interviews on peace and religion to the press, media, radio and television programmes many times.
Directing the composition of nearly 20 songs on morality and the peace ideal to be recorded and presented to audiences.
On the 19th of each month, he delivered his speech on morality and peace ideals and relayed important events of the world to those religious people of different faiths.
Dr. Suchart occasionally gave his lecture on Buddhist morality and peace ideal to those on tours to the Religious Land.
– To educate the general public on Dhamma and peace ideals as well as to urge their prompt awareness of the threat of war, he issued and published about 90 publications with comprehensive war and humanity coverage orienting people to the way of peaceful and harmonious co-existence.
– Whenever he was on his religious mission abroad, he never failed to urge the people to be aware of the immediate threat of war and guide them to the way of eternal peace.
– His declaration on December 25th, 1977, of the proclamation of the day of World Peace. An appeal for world peace was made to such prominent world figures as Heads of States and Heads of Governments, ranking from Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors and so on, urging them to live in peaceful unison.
– Issuance of the Peace Notification was made to Thailand’s Government on April 9th, 1981, warning them of the possible war that might bring an unestimatable disaster to the people as well as to urge them to release from their minds the greed, hatred, delusion and the evil causes that caused fighting among men, as well as campaigning for the nationwide prayer for world peace.
– While attending the Annual NGO/DPI Conference of the United Nations at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on September 10th, 1981, he urged mass prayer for the cause of human unity and world peace.