Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong had special characteristics so he was chosen by the Great Masters to do the work of the Spiritual World to save humanity and the world. He had high mental power with superb genius, magnificent sagacity and resourcefulness. He was a man of knowledge who was fond of studying, researching, following news and world situations to be situationally aware. He was a philosopher, good-tempered, taking others’ feelings into consideration, clean, disciplined, could measure the others’ minds, highly responsible, defined intuition without showing off, kind-hearted, helpful, generalize, was able to look at the bright side of the world, diligent, forgiving with high tolerances, a visionary, firm truthfulness, and adhered to the absolute truth. When he vowed to work for the Great Masters, he never broke his word.

When Mr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong’s effective work was widely known, some requested him to do more work.
He served many in positions both secular and Dhamma. They were:
1. Prime Director of Samnak Poo Sawan (the House of Divine Sages)
2. Chairman of Jinnapooto Memorial Foundation
3. President of International Federation Religions
4. Prime Director of the Religious Land Hooppha Sawan
5. World Peace Envoy
6. Founder President of the Vegetarian Centre of Thailand
7. Honorary Advisor of the Party of Dhamma Leading the World
8. Honorary Advisor of the Women’s League for the Protection of Thailand
9. Director of Yook Mai Press Company
10. Advisor to the Yook Mai Newspaper
11. Advisor to the Sarn Sawan Monthly Newspaper
12. Advisor to V. Financial Development Ltd., Part.
13. Advisor to Wongsinpradit’s Attorney
14. Advisor to the United Sports Company
15. Chairman of the Commission on Disarmament, Provisional World Parliament of the WCPA
16. Founder and Advisory President of the Spiritual Ceremony of the Kuan Yin Inter-Religious Park