Early Life

young[1]When Dr. Suchart was a young boy, he liked talking about matters of Dhamma and rendering compassionate services to his fellow beings. He was not interested in learning in school but he learned much from others. His father passed away when he was 9 years old. His mother had to earn a living alone for her 7 children.
In his youth, the young Suchart liked playing under the Great King Rama I Memorial Bridge and swimming in the Chao Phraya River. Once, while swimming, he was seized by a cramp, was unable to swim and was sinking. Before he lost consciousness, he felt something raising his body up, keeping his face and nose above water. His body floated along the river until a Chinese coffee seller’s boat passed by rescueing the boy Suchart from the water.
The incident of his wonderful survival remained in his memory. When Dr. Suchart was grown-up and had to do public service, he firmly believed that he must be alive to render his services to others, therefore he must not die young.
When he was 10 years old, he stole 10 baht from his mother and bought sweets for his friends. His mother found out about it and punished him with a piece of rope by binding him by his right ankle to the front door of the family’s house to humiliate him. From then on, young Suchart made a vow not to ask for any money from his mother. Thanks to her compassion, some days she dropped one or two baht for him on his bed. On the days he had no bus fare, he yielded to the necessity to take it.
Since then, young Suchart did not go to school. He earned his own living getting paid for work. For example, serving the patrons by selling noodles and serving coffee at footpath shops. Some nights, he returned home at one or two o’clock to find his mother still waiting up for him.
At the age of 14, he left home to work. He practised and helped others in trading work. During that period, he received primary education at Wat Ratchaburana (Wat Lieb) School for Adults. He was able to not only pass but skip grades as well. After only two years of his studies, he completed grade IV primary education.
Dr.Suchart at 17 years old At the age of 17, he worked with Mr. Sahas Mahakoon at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. During that period, a movie businessman brought a film to pledge and requested a loan. Young Suchart assisted him in speaking with Mr. Sahas Mahakoon until it was accepted. That man gave young Suchart a small medal of the image of a Buddhist monk named Luang Poo Tuad (Making Salty Water Tasteless), which was widely regarded as sacred, as a reward of thanks. After receiving it, he kept it without paying it much attention. One day, young Suchart had an urge to test the miracle of his amulet, so he went to see a Buddhist monk in the temple and asked him about the method of invoking the said image. That monk suggested the right method to him.
When he began to do as was suggested, he felt a big light flying straight at his face which made him fully unconscious. Soon he came to his senses. His friends who shared the experience told him that Phra Bodhisattva (the Would Be Buddha) Luang Poo Tuad came but he did not believe them. He tested it again more than hundred times until the Holy Spirit of Phra Bodhisattva Luang Poo Tuad really possessed Mr. Suchart’s body and said, ”This man wants to test me, so I will take him on as my medium.”