As a Layman

The daily life of Dr. Suchart (which the Great Masters appointed for him to practise) held the exception that he had to do the jobs of Samnak Poo Sawan. For example: to distribute the Holy Talismanic Cloth, to go to Ratchaburi or abroad etc. This regulation was practised since the 15th of January 1973. Monday was a free day and the related members had to be all together:

04.00-06.00 hrs. after praying, exercise by walking in meditation.
07.00 hrs. breakfast
08.00-11.30 hrs. to listen to news and read the news of the land
11.30-13.00 hrs. lunch
13.00-16.00 hrs. practise meditation and vipassana (forbidden to disturb)
16.00-17.00 hrs. to walk in meditation for exercise
18.00-19.00 hrs. dinner
19.00-21.00 hrs. leisure
21.00-22.00 hrs. to pray and meditate
22.00 hrs. to go to bed
22.00-04.00 hrs. the time for the Holy Soul