After Ordination

In 1991, after his ordination in old age, he practised monkly dhamma according to the monkhood order and lived in solitude in the forest leaving it from time to time only to visit his fellows.
His routine while being a monk during his first years of ordination (from 1992-1994) was as follows:
03.00 hrs. praying
04.00 hrs. meditation
06.00 hrs. meditation ending
06.00-09.00 hrs. conducting private affairs, walking in meditation
10.00 hrs. having his sole meal of the day.
10.00-11.00 hrs. praying
17.00 hrs. praying
20.00 hrs. a time for rest
01.00 hrs. meditation till dawn to do penitence

His routine in later periods of monkhood until passing away (from 1995-2005) was as follows:
03.00 hrs. getting up, doing private affairs
04.00 hrs. morning prayers
05.00 hrs. walking in meditation
06.00 hrs. having breakfast
07.00 hrs. meeting with advisees
08.00 hrs. working and reading
10.00 hrs. meal before noon
11.00 hrs. meeting with advisees
12.00 hrs. getting news of the world
13.00 hrs. working time of the Holy Soul
15.00 hrs. working, checking of documents and reading
18.00 hrs. evening prayers
19.00 hrs. getting news of the world
21.00 hrs. taking a rest for the mind and soul