Napolean’s Address


On Saturday, July 12, 1969 (being the fourteenth day of the waning moon in the eight month of B.E. 2512), at 07.20 p.m.,  Professor Kloom Vajropala came to pay homage to Our Great Father Luang Poo Tuad and Our Great Father Somdej Phra Phutajarn Brahma Rangsi (Toh), at the Centre of Heavenly Great Fathers. During Our Great Father Somdej’s sermon, the immortal soul of Napolean the Great of France visited the Centre and delivered the following speech in Cootave  (?). The speech was tape-recorded and translate into Thai by Our Great Father Somdej, and later on into English by Professor Kloom Vajropala.

“I am known among men as Napolean the Great. While I am here to visit the Centre of Heavenly Great Fathers I shall take the opportunity to speak to mankind in order to encourage all of you to live without attachments.

Why do  I need to encourage you as such ?

All great men who intend to wage war should know better by what I did before you. When  I was in this world I had the great will to be the conqueror of the world. What ensued after years of my struggle? I had to endure sufferings after my death in Hell of the thirteenth level as a result of my part in the slaying of human lives.

All of you should know better. I was the greatest fool in that age. I planned to dominate all Europe. Germany was to be defeated. I sought every means to be the greatest man on earth, only to be condemned a tragic life in Hell. I take the opportunity today to warn all of you bearing grudge and passion to denounce war and the sacrifice of human lives.

You must not expect to gain happiness when your hands become smeared with human blood. While your karma is propitious the souls of those whose lives you have taken cannot harm you. But when your karma becomes unfavorable you will suffer the same fate as mind. The soul of the dead will haunt you in your dreams and may even emerge in front of you. Those who are planning or seeking to dominate the world right now should be all advised to abandon such a foolhardy scheme.

Don’t be a fool. I thought and did it before you. We cannot manipulate everything  according  to our grand design for it has already been ordained in the other World which rules human world.”