Our Aim and Purpose

The Office of the World Peace Envoy was formed in 1973 to promote  the practice and observance  of  the teachings  of  the great  religions;  strengthen  unity,  solidarity,  and  brotherhood amongst members;  propagate   the  sublime  doctrines  of  religions;  render  cooperation in the work  of  social,  educational cultural,  and  other  humanitarian  services;  promote   a  lasting peace and harmony for all mankind,  and  collaborate  with other organizations working towards the same goal;  create   dialogue amongst men with the aim to create world unity;  eliminate  controversies  and  disagreements  among  doctrines,  and promote religious brotherhood  and  equality  for  all  mankind;   promote   human rights  in  the  work  that  will  not  cause  harm  and  difficulties to mankind;  search   for ways and means  to work  together on the establishment of eternal peace.

The WPE is actively engaged in promoting  peace offering ideas to resolve conflicts to world government and religious leaders and by organizing events that bring leaders together in the name of peace.

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