From 1971 to 1981 and 1986-1991

In holding any activities and ceremonies at Samnak Poo Sawan and the Religious Land Hooppha Sawan, after the events the World Peace Envoy Hon. Suchart Kosolkitiwong offered small images of Buddha medals of various periods (for example: medals of Phra Sri Ariya Maitreya, medals of Luang Poo Tuad, medals of Luang Por Toh etc.), charms of rolled gold or silver (takrud), Talismanic Cloth to Protect Independence, Buddha’s Relics, batons consecrated, T shirts etc. to followers and volunteers who helped holding the events until success was attained.
On some occasions, the World Peace Envoy gave small images of Buddha and books as tokens to participants too.
For distinguished guests, diplomatic corps, Chairmans of the Ceremonies, Chair-mans of the Organizing Ceremonies who honoured the events by their presence, the World Peace Envoy gave various images, Buddha’s pictures, books of the International Federation of Religions (IFR), commemorative books of the events, various tokens, Jesus Christ’s pictures, miniature Peace Pagodas enshrined with Buddha’s Relics, various medals of several periods, small images of Buddha, medals of IFR symbols and Samnak Poo Sawan’s keyrings with the symbol of the Peace Conference Hall etc.
While travelling abroad, tokens the World Peace Envoy took for important foreigners and Thai people abroad included: books of the IFR, bookcases with Thai Tripitaka scrip-tures, miniature royal barges, Supannahong which were symbols of friendship in peace cooperation, miniatures Peace Pagoda enshrined with Buddha’s Relics which were symbols of happiness and peace in the world, Buddha’s pictures, small images of Buddha, various medals of different periods, etc.

From 1992-2004

On religious occasions, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day and on official holidays etc., the World Peace Envoy the Most Ven. Ariyawanso Bhikkhu published Dhamma principles books to distribute to followers and faithful people who joined the ceremonies, sometimes he distributed books with small images of Buddha or several periods of medals to them which depended on each occasion.

The Offering of Miniature Peace Pagodas filled with Buddha’s Relics To Imminent People from Abroad and Domestically

(the World Peace Envoy offered them himself)

1. On May 11th, 1977, to His Holiness Pope Paul VI at the Vatican City
2. On May 11th, 1977, to His Eminence Cardinal Sergio Pignedoli, President of Secreariat for Non-Christians of the Vatican
3. On September 9th, 1977, to H.E. M.L. Birabhongse Kasemsri, Ambassador and Thai Permanent Representative to the UN in New York.
4. On September 10th, 1977, to H.E. Dr. Kurt Waldheim, UN Secretary-General and former President of Austria.
5. On November 22nd, 1977, to H.E. Sri Moraji Desai, Prime Minister of India.
6. On November 23rd, 1977, to H.H. Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji Maharaj, Supreme Spiritual Leader of Sikh Namdharis, India.
7. On February 21st, 1981, to H.E. Bal Ram Jakhar, Speaker of Lok Sabha of India.
8. On September 8th, 1977, to H.E. Prok Amaranant, Thai Ambassador in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
9. On September 20th, 1981, to the Most Ven. Phra Debsobhon, Abbot of the Thai Temple in Los Angeles, U.S.A.
10. On November 13th, 1981, to H.E. Giani Zail Singh, Minister of Interior Affairs of India, former President of India.
11. On April 21st, 1987, to H.H. Pandit Sirimalwatte Ananda Maha Nayake Thero, Chief High Priest of Siam Nikaya of Sri Lanka at His Residence, Candy, Sri Lanka.
12. On April 29th, 1987, to H.E. Premadasa, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in care of Dr. T.P. Amerasinghe, Vice-President of WCPA and Vice-President of Universal Love and Brotherhood Association, Sri Lanka Branch.
13. On July 7th, 1988, to Mrs. Ranjini Chantaratna (Dr. T.P. Amerasinghe’s younger sister), Sri Lanka on the occasion of her visit to the Religious Land Hooppha Sawan, Ratchaburi Province.
14. On September 24th, 1989, to Prof. Phil Lane Jr, International Coordinator, International Institute of the Four Worlds, Canada.
15. On October 19th, 1990, to Mr. Pira Boonching, Ratchaburi Governor in the Cere-mony of the 15th Anniversary Founding of the Peace Pagoda, at the Religious Land Hooppha Sawan, Ratchaburi Province and H.E. H.C.Kunawat, Ambas-sador of Sri Lanka to Thailand offered Buddha’s Relics from Sri Lanka to the Governor too.

My Dreams

The World Peace Envoy
Dr. Suchart Kosolkitiwong
Recorded on August 20th, 1977

Every world matter, all is impermanence (Aniccam), soullessness (Anatta). If talking by the way of Gods, in the way of souls, I have an idea that my soul touched closely attaching to the soul of Somdej Phra Buddhacharn (Toh) Brahma Ransi. Nowadays, I am whom? Who am I? I don’t know.
Why is this article called “My dreams”? I was born in 1943. Taking by the way of my life compass, I have no idea of doing religious work and of serving the Great Masters’ souls. But when the critical world situations happen, power of fighting, killing in the world increase. The day of gun firing at Baan Na Bua, Renu Nakorn District, Nakorn Panom Province happened on August 7th, 1965. The situation pointed out that the World of Souls had to establish Samnak Poo Sawan in the earthly world very soon and the World of Souls pointed out at me to work and I did it against my will day by day without thinking what it would be because I only thought what I said, what I ordered, what they were and what was my saying and why I had to do according to it.
Now, it has been 12 years going on to the 13 years of success in earthly world. I have grown up among group of, it is called, ruffians, among selfish people. Why do I say “My Dreams”? During my childhood, I didn’t want to study, I traveled along. During my 17-18 years of age, God wanted to make use of me, I did it accordingly. Talking by ordinary ways as by people in general, foreign language or English language did not touch my ears at all. But I work with the God, God has made me travel, generally speaking, around the world. Travelling to Rome, shaking hands with H.H. the Pope John Paul II. I have heard that Somdej Phra Buddhacharn (Toh) Brahma Ransi tried to make peace in the world. He tried by all means for people to turn to talk together, have compassion to one another, forgive, help one another, he wanted peace to prevail on earth.
At the end of 1973, I was appointed envoy, envoy from another world; the Envoy of the World of Divinity. It caused writers or historians to laugh in hidden, they said, by whom was this kind of envoy appointed? Which country recognized him? But I still admired, pleased with myself because a kind of envoy like myself was appointed in Heaven and there was only one person in the world, me myself.
Later, I in the name of Peace Envoy, proceeded the work of the International Federa-tion of Religions who led the Peace Mission to join good relationship at the Vatican City and Jerusalem. Now who am I? I am whom? I don’t know but whisper from heaven says that in the future I will be the most important person in the country and in the world. The world will be peaceful or disastrous depends on me. All this, you may follow up accordingly.